Why London Bridge is a Business Hive

London Bridge, the area of London, takes its name from the nearby bridge that connects the north and south sides of the River Thames. On the north side of this bridge, the respected and refined institutions of the city seemed at first to look down on the South, where London Bridge now flourishes. This disdain is now far from view as London Bridge has proven itself to be a worthwhile hive for business and industry of all kinds. 

Perhaps you’re curious about the area or maybe even a business owner looking for possible locations to set up your offices. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know about London Bridge and its popularity with the business sector.

The History of London Bridge

As mentioned above briefly, London Bridge wasn’t always looked on in a positive light by the more distinguished parts of the city. The north side of the river was where most business was conducted. However, in the late twentieth century, this seemingly unpromising area was developed by those who saw its true potential. Different property developers renewed the location and helped to attract more people to the area. This in turn had a positive impact on business, which now had a reason to move into London Bridge.

The Emergence of Business in London Bridge

Tourism campaigns and further development of this part of the city has helped it to emerge as a more prominent area for business growth. Since transport connections are now so frequent and reliable, getting from London Bridge to other parts of Central London is exceptionally easy. This helps to bring in plenty of visitors to make use of the various businesses in the area, in particular the shops and entertainment venues. Wherever there’s leisure, there are business opportunities to be had.

Contemporary London Bridge Industry

While a concentrated effort toward developing the London Bridge area is no longer ongoing, this is mostly due to the success of the previous attempts. It’s now a healthy and energetic part of the city where aspiring entrepreneurs eagerly seek their premises. The Workplace Company provides a helpful way of tracking down the right London Bridge office spaces for businesspeople who want to take advantage of this exciting location. 

With the constant evolution of digital technology, it’s likely that London Bridge will carry on seeing drastic improvements and become even more of a hotspot for the business minded. It’s certainly attracting plenty of entrepreneurs in its current state, but the variety of industries continues to expand.

The Future of London Bridge for Business

Thanks to the ongoing development of the area and its attractiveness to a variety of industries, London Bridge continues to grow as a hub for business. With more and more new businesses deciding to either move their premises to London Bridge or start their companies from scratch in the area, it’s clearly a part of the city to keep an eye on. Its full business potential could be yet to be reached.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.