Why Jerome Karam Is Taking On Major Projects Like Galveston’s Falstaff Brewing Site

Jerome Karam Friendswood Texas, an attorney, is well known for his specific ability to innovate and renovate the older property. Anybody within real estate business around Texas and Louisiana knows his great deeds. 

He has been able to undertake major projects and manage to successfully bring them to vibrancy. His vision is the same as his current real estate projects would suggest. 

It’s incredible how he has remodeled and renovated not less than eight buildings that were previously abandoned into spectacular business spaces. One may wonder how a man from a humble background has managed to achieve so much success. Several tactics can be copied from his outstanding Real Estate projects.

Being an Attorney, Jerome Karam properties has proper exposure on how the Real Estate market run. This information makes him qualified to take up significant projects like Galvenston’s Falstaff brewing site. When Karam purchased the multi-level brewery property, it weighed 330,000 square-feet. He managed to refurbish it, yet everyone thought it was impossible. 

Now part of it (100,000 Square feet) has been transformed into an indoor/ outdoor packing for a cruise ship. It also has a section installed with windowless, climate-controlled storage area. Classy events can be held here as it can accommodate at least 400 people who get to enjoy the calming water views on its sides. 

It’s hard to believe that the Hurricane Harvey of 2008 had damaged the property. The building was redone maintaining its basic structural pattern and intact historical integrity. Tax reliefs from town authorities like The Galveston historical Foundation and Federal Historic came in handy.

Being a native of Louisiana, Karam feels the need to give back to society. Therefore, he has gone back to carry out several projects there, including commercial buildings and apartments. The Karma’s cove property located in Kinder is one of the successful projects. It was transformed from the ‘smart rooms in’ to the now fully occupied five-unit complex.

Another successful property redevelopment is the karma’s landing. It has been transformed into a sassy complex. With sixty-one commercial rooms that have been leased out already, this property has created employment to a large group of people. Hence, it has become a significant source of income generation.

The Texas city’s mall of the mainland was a significant business center before the Hurricane in 2008. He brought back its life, and it was reopened in 2016. Most people did not feel safe renting stalls from this mall anymore. The renovation was done to repair any damaged buildings inside the mall. It was redone ensuring that the center will not be affected by any future climatic calamities like floods, hurricanes or earthquakes. 

Many entrepreneurs have a chance to start their businesses in a strategic location. It has the biggest trampoline park in the united states. It also hosts several shops, a cinema hall and a wrestling school not forgetting the many storage units it houses.

The real estate and investment firm karam owns resulted in many successful development stories. Jerome Karam Mall of the Mainland has come up with epic award-winning projects that give enough reason why he should take up major projects like Galveston’s Falstaff brewing site. It is to compliment him for his magnificent work done.

What next? Jerome Karam Friendswood Texas has given a lot of his time, energy wits and resources to improve Texas. He has renovated what many would not dare to touch. His efforts have helped many, including rebuilding communities and expanding the business space. 

His renovation work makes him an achiever and a role model to many. Jerome continue with his energy and dedication as a founder of JMK5 and LLC Companies to transform buildings and landscape of areas affected by floods and hurricanes.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.