The 5 Most Reputable LLC Services Company

For some people, starting their own business is not an easy task. This may include you too. You may have to go through a whole lot of paperwork and sort out your finances accordingly. At the same time, you will also have to figure out what business structure you need to form for your own company. Fortunately for a lot of new business owners, there are many LLC provider firms that are available who provide a lot of significant company formation services.

We have put together a list of some of the 5 best online business formation services and provide a quick summary of each state’s requirements. These LLC services companies have streamlined the process in a quick and orderly way. They will do the paperwork for you, take care of the required documents, and get your business started as soon as possible. Here are our top 5 suggestions below!

1. IncFile

Let’s start the list with IncFile and why we feel it’s one of the best. In fact, it’s a close rivalry of LegalZoom. In a separate article, we discuss the difference between IncFile and LegalZoom, comparing all aspects including quality of service and their respective cost.

Are you looking to start a company if you are on a tight budget? You should have a look into IncFile, as it’s among one of the best LLC services. IncFile is recommended for those who are searching for the best affordable LLC formation service. It has also facilitated the formation of over 250k businesses since its inception in 2004. Even at their impressive rate, IncFile has to offer a lot of valuable features. Those includes lifetime notifications for filing deadlines, a full 1 year registered agent service, and many more.

IncFIle provides three packages for anyone who is interested: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They cost US$0, US$149, and US$299 respectively. All of them comes with state fees, of course. The starting Silver package is entirely free. It also includes the full registered agent service charge for one year.

2. NorthWest

If you prefer working with companies that treat their customers really well and you like to use a stress-free package, then you may find Northwest Registered Agent a great recommendation.

Northwest is one of the best LLC service providers that provides top-notch customer service. This LLC formation firm makes it stress-free and convenient for anyone who wish to form an LLC. Just be aware that their prices are higher than every other similar companies upi cam find.

The LLC formation provides some of the best LLC filing services in the United States. This company offers a three-part service for the formation of LLC companies in the USA.

Northwest Registered Agent made its way on to our list because of their brilliant customer service. They make it really easy for any business people to form an LLC. However, they charge higher prices than other LLC providers we have suggested.

Northwest doesn’t spam you with up-sells, which makes their procedure easy to follow. Of the other LLC services we have suggested on here, Northwest’s customer support is brilliant. If you have an issue, call their number and their friendly associate will quickly get back to you soonest.

Their LLC formation package comes with a free full year of the registered agent service. Northwest is the only business formation service that thoroughly goes through every document you send to them.

3. LegalZoom

If working with a well-known company with proven track record is what you’re after, then you may want to consider LegalZoom. This is one of the best LLC services that has assisted millions of clients to start their businesses. LegalZoom participates actively in aggressive marketing, which provides them massive brand power.

The company has helped create more than 1 million new companies to date since 1999. This is something that is not common for most of their competitors. LegalZoom has extended hours for its customer service, which is a plus point for many busy entrepreneurs.

The organisation process for LegalZoom comes with a never-ending string of up-sells for their federal tax ID acquisition, compliance assistance, and among others. They also sell business license research package, subscription to legal services, and many more.

LegalZoom’s leading strength is the 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you make a purchase from LegalZoom, you are given 60 days to choose whether to continue with the service or just leave it.

LegalZoom LLC service firm helps a lot of new business owners to get their business up and running at a minimal cost. They usually pair it off with its basic company formation package. This firm is one of the best LLC formation providers in the business formation sector.

You will get 7-day customer assistance with LegalZoom’s package. On top of that, you will get added advantages like company certificates and professional legal advice.

4. InCorp

InCorp may not be one of the most affordable business formation services on this list. Or one that comes with many features. However, they have a lot of great factors you can benefit from, making them one of the best.

With more than 2 decades of experience in the LLC formation industry, InCorp has helped at least over 125K clients (new and existing) internationally. This package comes with services such as name availability search, preparing and filing of the Articles of Organization, among others. It also comes with domestic 2-day shipping.

On top of that, the LLC formation service has a whole lot of add-on features that you may access on an “a la carte basis”. These usually comes with the registered agent service, LLC kit and seal, certificate of good standing, domestic mail forwarding, yearly report, and many more.

One of InCorp’s outstanding features is its affordable registered agent service. The majority of this company’s online reviews are usually positive. In general, its clients are happy with the speed at which InCorp delivers its services. They are also happy with the quality of the customer service that InCorp offers.

5. Zenbusiness

If you’re looking for a social-LLC formation provider with the best value offered, then you should really give ZenBusiness a try. According to Zenbusiness is currently ranked one of the best in most of the best LLC services reviewed.

ZenBusiness has a great initial package with all the needed items for forming a limited liability company. The starter package comes with 12 months of free registered agent service, LLC formation, custom operating agreement, and among others. It even comes with a Worry-free CPA evaluation from an in-house expert. Positive customer feedback is ZenBusiness’s great strength. ZenBusiness have at least over 3700 online reviews so far.

The other feature that makes ZenBusiness one of the best LLC service is its social awareness. ZenBusiness collaborate with to fund minority- and women-owned businesses (if social welfare is your thing). As part of their Worry-Free Guarantee (which comes with its Pro package), ZenBusiness takes care of your annual report filing and other aspects of LLC maintenance.


The competition in the LLC service market keeps increasing as more similar players join the industry. That’s why you should do a lot of reading before choosing a provider. Start by looking at the LLC providers’ online customer reviews. Google, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau are great places to start. You can also check out other review platforms too.

Don’t just look at the number of reviews, but the quality as well. Especially consider the number of positive reviews. If it’s high, then that must be a proper and better company. Some business formation services may not have a lot of reviews because they have just only started operating recently. Those are different from the ones that have been in the game for many years and are expected to have thousands of great reviews.

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