What Not to Do If You’re in a Massachusetts Car Accident

Over 6.8 million people live in Massachusetts, USA. As you would expect, there are thousands of drivers on the road, meaning car accidents are likely wherever you are in the state. Should you become a victim of a car accident, there are things you mustn’t do in the aftermath, as small errors can ruin your chance of getting compensation. Here are five things to avoid doing to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Leave the Scene

Unfortunately, there have been too many cases of car accident victims leaving the scene of the crime. Under Massachusetts law, it is illegal for drivers to leave the scene of an accident that has resulted in a personal injury or property damage. Whether you were at fault or not, should you vacate the scene, not only could you be in trouble with law enforcement, but it could also hinder your case.

Not Call Law Enforcement

Many people assume that law enforcement only need to be called if somebody has been hurt in an accident. This is not true. You must always dial 911 after being in an accident. When the police arrive, they can pinpoint who was at fault, as well as investigate the crash thoroughly, by speaking to witnesses, observing road conditions, and providing an in-depth report. When hiring a Massachusetts car accident attorney and taking your case to court, you can obtain a report that can serve as evidence.

Underestimate Your Injuries

Even if you believe you’ve escaped your car accident with a bruise or two, you should still get yourself checked over by a medical professional. You might feel fine, but you can never be too sure about what is going on internally. Once the adrenaline wears off, any minor injuries could quickly turn serious, and deadly. Make sure you have a doctor examine you and document your injuries. This will be critical for your case.

Fail to Collect Evidence

Once the car accident has taken place, it’s time to collect as much evidence as possible. Too many victims fail to gather evidence, which can weaken your side of the argument and decrease your chances of reaching a fair settlement. Whether you take photos or videos of the scene, talk to witnesses, or note down your injuries; the more information you can collect, the better for your case.

Not Hire an Attorney

Too many car accident victims have tried handling their cases alone. This is a big mistake that you must avoid at all costs. Once you hire a car accident lawyer, the other driver’s insurance company cannot speak to you direct. Instead, they can only converse with your lawyer. Make sure you’re honest with your attorney about the accident, as you don’t want any skeletons in the closet to surface and jeopardize your case.

It can be hard to think straight after a car accident. However, any blunders you make could come back to bite you and be detrimental when it comes to seeking justice and compensation. As long as you avoid doing any of the above, you should have a fighting chance of getting a suitable settlement.


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