Why Businesses Should Use Commercial Trash Compactors Instead of Regular Dumpsters

Improving your waste management system is a worthwhile venture, any business looking to streamline their waste management will benefit by upgrading to a trash compactor instead of the traditional or regular dumpster. 

A commercial waste compactor reduces waste into smaller, more manageable sizes that ease the disposal and recycling process. It is to your advantage to invest in one if you want to improve your waste management systems.

There are various commercial trash compactors available on the market that can cater to the needs of both big and small businesses, such as indoor and outdoor compactors, stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, and light-tight compactors. 

Moreover, there are garbage compactors suitable for small and large organizations depending on the amount of trash generated. Commercial garbage compactors are used by big organizations that create a lot of garbage, while restaurants, cafeterias and smaller organizations use smaller versions. 

Some of the benefits that you get from investing in a commercial trash compactor include: 

Cleaner surroundings 

The presence of too many dumpsters loaded with garbage can attract unwanted vermin and insects such as rats, flies, cockroaches and other pests. Furthermore, the surrounding is left with a foul smell, no matter how much you try to cover the bins. Making the atmosphere very unpleasant to work in because of the constant invasion of flies and rats. 

A garbage compactor will eliminate the need for frequently removing smelly, unhygienic garbage bins full of trash, ensuring a tidy, neat and clean working environment

A commercial trash compactor efficiently reduces the trash volume, making it manageable, easy and quick to transport for disposal. Smaller trash volume means fewer dumpsters and a reduction of vermin. You will easily manage garbage, ensuring your environment is clean with fresh air, which is very beneficial to workers and their health. 

Guarantees safety in the workplace

When garbage is stored in a place for several hours or days, it begins to release unbearable smells that can cause health complications to your workforce, such as breathing difficulties, allergic reactions to certain chemicals, or suffocation. Both dry and liquid chemical waste become problematic when left to stand for days. They consume the space needed for production, and there will always be a need to create more space for garbage storage. 

A waste compactor will reduce, condense the waste and store it in a specific section, improving efficiency and safety at the workplace. 

Eco – friendly 

As a business, one of your responsibilities is to implement eco-friendly systems and preserve the environment at all costs. It is part of your environmental duty to ensure there is a reduction in carbon emission. A commercial trash compactor goes a long way in ensuring you achieve this goal due to its recycling capabilities of compacting trash and reducing its size before going directly into landfill sites. 

Consumers and potential customers prefer promoting and engaging or partnering with eco-friendly businesses. Furthermore, by efficiently managing garbage within your company premises, you will be going a notch higher on your environmental management efforts that your clientele will appreciate.

Installing a commercial garbage compactor on your business premises helps reduce the number of trips by the garbage transport vehicles, which eliminates emissions. Publicizing your approach to reducing your carbon footprint could translate into business expansion and more revenue streams. 

Increases efficiency 

Since commercial waste compactors are easy to use and operate, no particular skill is needed to handle them. The need to monitor garbage bins and replace trash bags after emptying bins is significantly reduced as garbage compactors simplify waste management processes. 

It saves money and time. 

While a new commercial trash compactor’s purchasing price is relatively high, it will save you money in the long run. Due to fewer trips by garbage trucks coming to collect waste, there is less need for garbage bags, less manpower and fewer trips to the waste disposal facilities. A garbage compactor will reduce the number of trips to the landfill, saving fuel and transportation costs. 

Additionally, you will save a lot of time getting rid of garbage for other tasks. You can utilize this time to increase productivity and, in turn, realize more profits for the business. 

Frees up space 

A commercial compactor will help you utilize space. Since waste is compacted into much smaller packages, there is a significant reduction in volume, and hence fewer dumpsters are being used. 

A commercial trash compactor can easily compact the bulkiest trash, ensuring no waste is left lying around. It can shrink and eliminate many dumpsters at once, freeing the much-needed space to be utilized for another more meaningful activity. 

Reduce the problem of traditional dumpsters 

Though less expensive, old-fashioned dumpsters come with many challenges such as safety, staff pilferage, or misuse of the dumpster by outsiders. With dumpsters, wind can blow away garbage or cause accidental spillages that are common in attracting pests and insects. 

If you are considering purchasing a commercial garbage compactor for your business, the following are points to note before making your final decision.

Variety of compactors 

Horizontal industrial compactors 

The two types of horizontal compactors are self-contained and stationary.

A stationary compactor is used for dry garbage from storerooms, while a self-contained compactor is used in liquid waste from food handling facilities like eateries and grocery stores. 

Vertical commercial compactors 

Vertical compactors can compress waste and reduce it to manageable sizes, prevent wind from blowing trash away and cost reduction. 

In-house compactors 

In-house compactors are smaller commercial garbage compactors that can operate inside fast-food restaurants, minimizing the number of trips waiters must make to dispose of waste.  

Entrepreneurs have realized the tremendous cost-saving opportunities with a modern garbage compactor that include streamlining waste management. Suppose your business generates a lot of waste. In that case, it will be impractical for your workforce to make countless trips to the dumpster to dispose of the garbage which then results in numerous collections from your transporter. 

A commercial garbage compactor will reduce trips to the dumpster, saving you a lot of money in the process. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.