Why Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning are important?

Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning the ventilation and exhaust pipes in your home is an incredibly important task.  It doesn’t seem obvious, because all the systems inside buildings are hidden from the human eye. 

However, why is it important to systematically carry out air duct and dryer vent cleaning? We will discover in the article this and other important questions. 

Air duct cleaning

The basis of our wellbeing is fresh air. There is a system of ducts in the building to ensure always fresh air flowing. These pipes can be both metal and plastic. The section of the pipes also can be different (round and rectangular). 

The whole system exists to remove or supply air into the house, providing a regular exchange of air.

Just imagine how big this whole system is and how much load it takes!

The system contains a significant quantity of dirt because its primary purpose is to eliminate stagnant air from the house. The amount of dust in the pipes has an impact on our health and even raises the possibility of a house fire.

Cleaning on a regular schedule is essential for us and our houses. You will always feel great and your home will have exceptional fire safety if you have this procedure done at least once a year!

Dryer vent cleaning

Everyone has one other device at homes that requires regular cleaning. 

The dryer is a crucial thing in each household. It is much more convenient to use a dryer after washing instead of natural drying, which can take between two and five hours. A dryer can dry clothes in just 30 minutes.

However, everyone needs to remember about cleaning. Did you know that the filters of the machine can not collect 80% of the pile so all this pile gets into the pipes and accumulates there after each session. 

The dryer is a device that is constantly necessary, and it has a large enough load at least around once a several days. If the family is big, it could happen more than once in a single day. In this case, you must do a scheduled cleaning at least once every six months!

If you have never done it, we recommend starting with a thorough inspection of the entire system, as the long absence of a cleaning creates a risk of fire. The dryer often becomes a cause of home fires because the pile is very flammable. 

A professional cleaning is required because at least it increases the life of your clothes. The materials suffer from poor washing and drying.

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 Keep in mind that a quality cleaning service will help you in maintaining cleanliness in even the most hidden areas of your home!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.