Kathleen Mello-Navejas new book: “Moving Magic Money”

The rough beginnings of Kathleen Mello-Navejas’ life told a story of a young girl who was not worth anything. However, somehow she learned to change that story and tell a new one. In her book, “Moving Magic Money, Kathleen Mello-Navejas gives the secret to that change and how anyone can use it to their advantage.

Mello-Navejas wants to help other women especially, and give them the resources they require to create the stunning lives that each and every person is entitled to. She does this by helping them confront the brokenness of the past and put it into proper perspective. In her book, Mello-Naveljas reminds us of what Marilyn Monroe once said, “Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” 

Allowing Change

Mello-Navejas teaches that when we don’t allow each other to change, to evolve, to become who we really want to be, not who others are comfortable with us being, that can cause friction, pain, anger, and even feelings of betrayal. Most of all, she wants to help women take their own

challenges and crossroads, and turning points and realize that they have the power to change for the better. They can be as successful as they dream to be.

Of her awakening to her new self, Mello-Navejas says, “I remember how I felt in that little 500 square beach house. I loved it. I’d look right above my head and see this lovely sunroof that brought the day and night onto me. I could gaze at the moon and stars at night, and when the sun came up, I felt like it was shining just for me.”

Appreciating the Light

She begins to understand that every painful moment in her life has been a huge teaching

moment. All that bad stuff that happened to her has opened so many good, loving, and enlightening magical gifts. In other words, she discovers that we need the darkness in order to truly appreciate the light.

After learning to appreciate, let go of, and forgive her past, Mello-Navejas looks toward her future with new eyes. In her book, she shows how she changes her attitude toward money:

Understanding Money

What if you started seeing money as something gorgeous? What if, instead, you began to see it as a source and force for joyful “change” for yourself and others; a positive perspective of renewal and light; even a benevolent, breathtaking way to grow generous and loving

Energy? Money, she assures us, is your garden of good. It is refreshing, renewing, and blessing all the time. In other words, it is really heaven on earth! Money is as freeing and natural

and beautiful as a forest of verdant trees. It is indeed a wonderful gift in every way.

In her book, Moving Magic Money, Kathleen Mello-Navejas gives some fresh, new perspectives on how to take lemons and make lemonade; or how to take an ordinary life and turn it into an unimaginably beautiful one.

Changing the Past and the Future

Growing up, Kathleen Mello-Navejas experienced neglect, abuse, and negativity. She was taught repeatedly as a child that she wasn’t good enough and never would be. Today, she has a sizable real estate portfolio and is a multi-millionaire.

What changed? Mello-Navelas chronicles her extraordinary journey from childhood to the present in her book, Moving Magic Money. She shows readers how to equip themselves with a desire, self-belief, and a vision board in order to break free from destructive cycles and effect genuine change in their lives. To put it another way, individuals have the capacity to exercise control over their decisions and create abundance and purpose. She helps the reader accomplish this by sharing candidly and with insight her experiences with money, men, and parenthood.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.