Which Colours Are Most Popular for Window Shutters?

One of the most appealing aspects of window shutters is the way in which they can be customised in limitless ways. They can be designed and manufactured to fit even the most awkward openings around the home. Likewise, they can be finished in just about any colour or style imaginable.

Choosing the right colour for your home is as much about personal preference as it is interior design acumen. Whether it is on-trend at the time is inconsequential, all that matters is that you choose a colour you are happy with.

But which are the most popular colour choices for window shutters right now? If unsure what colour to order your shutters in, which are the most timeless options that never fail to look the part?

White Shutters

The popularity of white plantation shutters can be attributed to two things.  White is by far the most timeless and universally compatible colour. It looks great in almost any room and is just the thing for both classical and contemporary homes alike.

There is nothing quite like a beautiful burst of white to brighten up a room. White plantation shutters create a feeling of spacious airiness, making even the smallest room look and feel bigger. Irrespective of your current interior décor, white shutters never fail to make a fantastic addition to a space.

Grey Shutters

It is a similar story with grey shutters which are compatible with just about any theme or existing colour scheme. With grey, you have the option of choosing from a limitless range of different shades and tones to suit your tastes. Lighter greys can be great for bringing light and energy into a room, whereas a darker grey creates a warmer, cosier and more romantic feel.

Grey is an excellent choice of plantation shutters in all rooms of the home, from family living rooms through to kitchens and even bathrooms.

Black Shutters

Plantation shutters in black take the theme of comfort, romance and sophistication to the next level. They never fail to bring something striking and bold to an interior space, creating a standout feature in their own right.

Contrary to popular belief, black window shutters and darker shutters in general do not necessarily make a room look and feel smaller; it is entirely about how they are juxtaposed with everything else in the space, along with the shape, size and design of the shutters themselves.

Green Shutters

This is another option with plenty of versatility and variety. Lighter greens bring light, life and a touch of nature into an interior space. Darker and bolder greens can make for a real statement piece.

Subtler green tones can be surprisingly easy to integrate into a wide variety of existing themes. It is also a hugely popular choice for window shutters in kitchens and dining rooms, or for openings onto patios.

Natural Wood

There are many who would argue that nothing is more striking, sophisticated or desirable than a natural wood finish. Hardwood and softwood shutters made from the finest natural materials can be quite breath-taking in their beauty.

Wood is also one of the easiest materials to integrate into any room of the home, irrespective of its current style or theme. As far as prestige and exclusivity are concerned, nothing looks more luxurious than natural wood plantation shutters.

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Which Colours Are Most Popular for Window Shutters?
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Which Colours Are Most Popular for Window Shutters?
Plantation shutters are available in an endless range of colours and styles, but which are the most popular plantation shutter colours and why?
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