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Craig Upton supports UK businesses by increasing sales growth using various revenue streams online. Creating strategic partnerships and keen focus to detail, Craig equips websites with the right tools to increase traffic. Craig is also the CEO of iCONQUER, a UK based SEO agency and has been working in the digital marketing arena for over a decade. A trusted SEO consultant and trainer, Craig has worked with British brands such as, DJKit, UK Property Finance, Serimax, Bridging Finance and has also supported UK doctors, solicitors, builders, jewellers, to mention a few, to gain more exposure online. Craig has gained a wealth of knowledge within the digital marketing space and is committed to creating new opportunities working with UK companies.

Bridging Finance for Businesses: How Does it Work?

The beauty of bridging finance lies in its flexibility. Unlike most conventional loans, bridging finance can be used for any legal purpose whatsoever. This makes it a particularly useful facility for businesses, which often need short-term ‘gap-filling’ finance for a variety of reasons. As the name suggests, bridging finance is engineered to ‘bridge’ temporary financial […]

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Printing Your Own Labels vs. Professional Printing

For smaller businesses, the option of in-house label printing is perfectly plausible. In which case, outsourcing label printing requirements can seem like an unnecessary additional cost. If it is something you can handle yourself, why pay someone else to do it for you? A logical argument on paper, but one that does not always add […]

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