Various Arrests And How They Can Impact Your Career

Getting arrested is a terrible feeling even when you know you have done nothing wrong. People are arrested due to the lies of others and mistakes made by law enforcement. The one aspect of being arrested that crosses everyone’s mind is that of what their employer will think. Most people will not tell their employer if they are not required as they don’t want a stigma attached to them from being arrested. There are certain arrests that can impact your ability to do your job due to potentially being incarcerated for a period of time. The following are common arrests and how they can impact your career. 

DUI/Reckless Driving

DUI is a charge that is considered serious and can impact your ability to drive for work. You could lose your commercial driver’s license for a DUI which can impact your ability to make a living. Reckless driving also comes with points on your license and huge hikes in insurance costs. Finding a DUI or reckless driving lawyer in Raleigh can help you beat the charge or at least get a reasonable plea deal. You want a clean driving record as a number of jobs require it if you are going to travel for work frequently. 

Drug Possession

Drug possession has ruined so many lives due to being rejected for jobs they were qualified for. The tough aspect of drug possession is that if someone has drugs in your car, you will also be charged if they don’t claim it. The positive aspect of being arrested for drug possession is that it can act as a wake-up call to an individual. There are diversion programs in a number of locations in the country that allow people to complete a program in return for getting the charges dropped. 


Battery can occur in a bar fight or in public with another person. Domestic battery has to be between to people living together. The one aspect that people don’t understand is that you can be charged with domestic violence for fighting with a brother you live with. Employers might be a bit wary to hire a person that has been arrested for battery on multiple occasions. This could show a problem with confrontation or controlling anger which are both red flags in an office environment. 


Employers that see a theft on the record of someone are going to be automatically suspicious. Shoplifting is one thing but stealing from a former employer is another. Showing that you have changed can be almost impossible to do while in an interview. If you had struggled with addictions that led to the theft, this might be one way to salvage an interview. Some people love to give others a second chance if they once struggled with addiction while others do not. Addiction is not something that everyone understands to the fullest extent. 

Arrests can and will impact your career if you don’t manage them correctly. Take the time to make sure you have the right legal representation to help you fight your case.

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