What You Are Going To Need To Consider When Starting Your First Business

Starting a business is an accomplishment in itself but in no way guarantees any level of success. There are going to be growing pains with any business. These issues compound when a founder has not set the business up for success. A mentor or top employee that has startup experience can be so important. You do not want to make a classic mistake that puts the business back for a few months. Creating a detailed business plan is always going to be an important step when creating a business. Staying flexible is very important as not everything will align exactly with your vision. The following are things you need to consider when starting your first business. 


The funding for a business is a far less of an issue than in the past. There are a number of new businesses that have a fully remote staff. The ability to keep overhead costs immensely low will help drive profitability during the infancy of a business. Finding investors can be difficult as not all investors will see the vision of a business. Other investors might just want to be in far more control than you are willing to relinquish. Getting a small business loan can be far easier when you show a pattern of profitablity over time. 

Creating Ironclad Contracts 

Finding a law firm that you can put on retainer can be so important. This firm can help with things like writing up contracts that protect the business. Unfortunately, there are some professionals that try to find wording in a contract to get out of an agreement. Payment terms are something that should be explicitly stated in contracts. There seems to be a problem with payment for some clients that might constantly be late. Penalties can even be included in the late payment language as with all of the payment options in today’s world, late payments should not be tolerated. Quality attorneys in Grand Blanc or your area can be such a valuable resource for your startup. 

Using Freelancers To Scale Projects

Freelancers can be so useful to businesses at any level. These professionals can empower your current staff and help scale projects efficiently. Do not underestimate the talent that is available in the freelance world. A number of professionals that work in-house at a business like to profit from their skills outside of their full-time job. Upwork is a perfect place to find certain freelancers if a business needs help with digital marketing or even copywriting for the company website. Working with freelancers also gives a business the option of hiring reliable freelancers full-time. Not all freelancers want a full-time gig but some are looking to work with companies consistently for years to come. 

Hiring Your First Few Full-Time Employees 

Hiring is always going to be a delicate balance at a new business. The wrong few hires can destroy a culture and lead to a drop in productivity. Hiring a former colleague can be important as you already understand the quality of work to expect from them. Versatile employees can be invaluable as startups need to fill in certain areas with the staff they currently have. 

Starting a business will require an attention to detail and a proactive approach. Success depends on a number of variables but putting in consistent hard work is always important.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.