What to Look for in a Signage Provider

If you need to find national signage for your company, then it’s critical that you choose the right provider. The question is, however, how can you know that a provider is the right one for you? What should you be looking for in a signage provider?

Fortunately, there are some very clear things you should prioritize when looking for a corporate signage maker:

1. Scale is No Object

A provider who has strict limits on the size and scale of signage they can produce, or the number, is not a suitable provider, especially when you’re a large organization looking for signage to use nationwide for your company. Seek out providers for whom scale is no object and that’s a provider worth doing business with.

Speaking of scale, a quality signage provider should also be able to handle every stage of the signage development in-house. It shouldn’t be that they are getting you part of the way there but then sending you off to find other vendors to complete other steps. A one-stop shop is a real must when you need signage on a national scale.

2. Customised Sign Management Solutions

When it comes to helping you manage your digital signage, for example, does the provider rely on generic third-party software over which they have no control? If so, then it’s time to find a provider who can offer something far better tailored to your needs. A truly great signage company will offer custom-made online management systems that are intuitive, easy to use, and built for you to operate your sign exactly as you need.

3. A Nationwide Network of Contractors

When it comes to sign installation and maintenance, it shouldn’t matter where you want to put the signs, a company worth it’s salt will have contacts to local contractors in that area, and should be able to contact them immediately and guarantee dates, times, costs and more. Any company that can’t immediately get hold of contractors wherever they are needed is not worth your time or money.

4. Knowledge and Experience of Branding

A great signage company will be knowledgeable not just about signs and their related hardware/software, but also the kinds of content that go onto the sign, especially brand identity and brand message. The provider should understand the importance of your brand and maintaining its integrity, and what’s more, can do so without it also costing unreasonable amounts. You should always expect value for money, that goes without saying.

5. Customer Service as a Strength

It’s common enough nowadays to talk about the importance of good customer service, but the truth is that this importance can’t be overstated. The kind of signage provider that you want is one that will offer a strong personal level of customer service, perhaps your own dedicated project or customer service officer who will see to all the project needs and remain a single and unmoving point of direct contact between you and the signage company.

You should be able to pick up the phone any time and be able to access a direct line to your project manager so that you can deal with any and all issues quickly and effectively. You should expect nothing less than that.

6. Innovation and Creativity

Finally, signs need to be creative, smart, innovative, and original if they’re going to stand out in a sea of competition across the country. Therefore, when you’re looking for providers, find ways to assess their creativity by looking at their portfolio of past projects. Ask them how they would ensure that your own signage was set apart from the masses. When you have a satisfactory answer, you have your signage provider.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.