Benefits of Power Washing a House Before Painting

Painting is one of the go-to renovation methods which increases the curb appeal of the house. But homeowners often do not get the desired results because most of the time they forget or are not really concerned about preparing the surface to be painted properly. Due to this efficiency and quality of the project decreases. The most important part before painting is surface preparing and it can be achieved through power washing. There are many components like algae, mildew, moss, dirt, dust, etc. on the exterior surface of a house. These need to be cleared before painting because paint should be applied on a clean surface to get the highest benefit. 

Paint will long last if it is done on a smooth surface and to get the smooth surface, power washing is one the best method, here is the place to mention that sandblasting is also a very good choice, but you have to be sure that the particular surface can handle it. Of course, you can do it yourself, however, it is recommended to use the help of a professional contractor like Chicago Racoons – Power Washing so you can be sure that the job will be done without risk of damage and hassle-free. Here are the main benefits that very few of the pros are talking about.

Get Rid of Chalking

We usually have old paint on the surface before renovating. You might notice that the old paint surface breaks down sometimes. It is the result of being exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. If you put your finger on this kind of surface, you will notice that some residue similar to chalk will come out. This is called chalking. If someone paints over the chalky surface, then the paint will not stick to the surface properly. So it must be removed before starting the painting work. Chalking can be removed through power washing as high pressure will remove those loosened paint chalk residues from the entire surface.

Give Smooth Surface

Again, paint must be applied on the clean surface. A dirty surface will give an inefficient result as the paint will not adhere properly. Besides that, there are many painting-related problems like peeling, bubbling, etc. Bubbles are formed due to a lack of adhesion and paint films are seen lifted from the surface in this case. Peeling is also a problem where paint starts to flake off the surface. It also happens due to a lack of adhesion. So to avoid these kinds of problems, the surface must be prepared smoothly which can be done perfectly by power washing.

Prevent Interior Water Seepage

The reason for painting nowadays is not just about increasing the beauty of the property. It is a layer that protects the interior surface from the outer atmosphere. This is why adhering to paint is very important. Because it traps all the areas and pores of the exterior surface which will prevent the moisture to seep into the interior surfaces like floors, walls, etc. And again paint will stick properly on clean surfaces which can be achieved through power washing.


Dirty, pollen-coated, uneven surfaces will require more paints than usual because the paint will not stick easily to the surface. Besides that, it will need an extra coating to finish the job completely. But after all these works, it is not guaranteed that paint will last long as the surface was not prepared well. So extra painting job might be required again within a short period of time. But if you prepare the surface by power washing, then less amount of paint will be required. In this sense, it is an overall cost-saving process.

A New Look of the Property

Property-owners thinks about painting to increase the beauty or give a new look to the house. But in most the cases, painting job is not done to the whole property. Sometimes it is only sidings, sometimes it is only roof or fence, etc. So if only one part of the property say the siding is going to be repainted, then the other parts of the property will still be dirty and fade. But if it is power washed, then the whole property will get a new look whether you choose to paint the whole property or not. So it will increase the overall curb appeal of the property.

These are the benefits that we can get from power washing the surface before doing the painting job. All these benefits summarize one thing which is “Clean surface must be required for painting job”, there are other things you need to know before painting a house and what could be the best option other than power washing to achieve this?

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.