What To Do After A Workplace Accident

In a WHO report, workplace injuries make up about eight percent of the overall occupational risks, causing four to six percent economic loss in a lot of countries. The unfortunate part is that almost 70 percent of workers don’t have insurance to compensate for their injuries and occupational diseases.

It’s important to know the steps to take after getting injured in the workplace, so you’ll know if your company or the insurance company got you covered, or you need to seek legal help to take matters to the next level.

Check out some expert tips below as to the things you need to do after a workplace accident. 

Move To A Safe Area And Call For Help

More than anything else, it’s important to move to a safe area to avoid sustaining more injuries and ensure that your injuries are treated accordingly. If you have a company doctor or nurse available, summon a colleague or your supervisor to call them. It is important to seek medical attention first and, then, contact Tampa car accident lawyers early to ensure that you’re doing the right thing

Remain Silent

Refrain from releasing any statements about the accident while your injuries are still being treated as you might be blurting out things that are unclear, illogical, or self-incriminating, of which your supervisor might immediately take note and use against you. If that happens, it could mean a possible reduction in the supposed amount of compensation you can get from the insurance company or your employer. 

Everyone would understand if you keep your silence, most especially if your injury is severe, such as a fracture or a severed finger. Slip and fall accidents may cause disorientation, so it is best to never utter a single word right after the incident. 

Report To Your Immediate Supervisor

If your supervisor is not around for some reason, you should contact your supervisor via phone call or text message to give a brief description of the incident. Once you’re face-to-face with your supervisor and have attended to your injuries, you can give a narrative report or statement as to the details. 

Here are the important details you should take note of:

  • Time and date of the incident 
  • A detailed and logical explanation of the incident (answers the how, why, what, and where questions of the accident)
  • Names of colleagues and other people who have witnessed the incident 
  • Steps taken to avoid or prevent the accident 

Before writing or signing any sworn statement about the workplace injury, make sure that all details are accurate. Remember that if your company is insured, you’ll be provided with workers’ compensation benefits. And, once you avail the workers’ compensation benefits, it would mean waiving your right to file a lawsuit against your employer.

Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer

While your employer might have done everything to resolve the matter, there might be some legal aspects that need to be taken care of. If you’re not satisfied with the amount of workers’ compensation benefits you’re being offered, the insurance company denies your claim, or your employer might display aggression, or humiliate or terminate you, it would necessitate talking to a Sioux Falls accident lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers can help victims of workplace injuries seek due compensation for physical injuries, lost wages, and other related damages. Because personal injury laws vary from state to state, talking to a local personal injury lawyer who is specialized in handling similar legal cases like yours could be your greatest advantage.

For example, if you were involved in a work-related incident, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is highly recommended. Here’s how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help:

  • They gather and preserve relevant evidence to prove your claim. Your lawyer may summon preservation of evidence, like CCTV videos of the company, to determine what really happened that caused your injury.
  • They’ll assess your employer’s civil liability. Your attorney will find out if there are loopholes in company policies and if there are any safety protocols in place. Lack of safety gear, equipment, and emergency features could make your employer greatly accountable in providing you compensation for all the work days you’ll be missing.
  • They’ll take your personal injury case to court if the insurance company or your employer is not giving you what you truly deserve within the scope of the law.


Following a workplace accident, it’s crucial to seek help and attend to your injuries first, report the incident to your supervisor to help you file a claim, and contact a lawyer if your employer or the insurance company is giving you trouble. Seeking legal help increases your chances of getting the just amount of workers’ compensation benefits you truly deserve.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.