What Should You Do If Your Employer Is Not Paying You?

There’s a lot that we have to put up with in the world of work. This includes tight deadlines, large workloads, and annoying co-workers. That being said, one of the main reasons we put up with this kind of work is pretty straightforward: we get paid to do so. As such, one of the most frustrating things that can happen to us at work is that our employers don’t pay us the wages we’re owed. Has this happened to you? If so, there are a number of different steps you can take when it comes to checking your rights and how you can ensure you get paid. These are all going to be discussed in more detail below. 

Check Your Payslip 

The first thing that you should do is, if you’ve got one, check your payslip. This is going to be effective as it will allow you to see how your pay is being worked out. You should be sure to check things such as: 

  • Whether or not you have been paid for the number of hours that you’ve actually worked
  • If the rate you have been paid is correct
  • If any overtime that you’ve done has been taken into account, along with commissions and bonuses
  • Whether or not you are being paid for any sick days
  • Whether your employer has deducted money that you weren’t expecting to be deducted

You have the legal right to a payslip which should show how the money you have been paid is calculated. If you get paid every hour on the hour, then your payslip should clearly reflect all the hours you’ve worked. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee, an agency worker, or a contract worker. You are entitled to one. 

Speak to Experts About the Law 

The legal world can be challenging; as such, it might be in your best interest to properly look into getting some help with navigating it. You will be able to enlist the help of organizations such as Baird Quinn, who have good knowledge of the employment law surrounding your area. For instance, if you are a local to Colorado, they will be able to explain the likes of unpaid wages and Colorado final paycheck law requirements and regulations in detail so that you understand it and how it applies to your current situation. 


When you do your job, it can be challenging and a lot to ask, but one of the main reasons people tend to do it is because they know they will get paid. As such, it is unacceptable if your employer is holding off on giving you your proper wages and making sure that you are properly compensated for the time and effort that you put into your work. If this is happening, you should be sure to consider the above advice, as this will help ensure that you are paid the right amount on time. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.