Ways To Improve Your Blog Traffic Without Overworking Yourself

Bloggers are often prey to one of the modern world’s most insidious ailments: workaholism. Without even realizing it, you start putting in more and more hours, obsessing over keywords, niches, and producing content that is always one step ahead of the competition. Yet, the traffic your blog gets appears not to be on par with your efforts. Here are some verified strategies to apply that will bring you more traffic.

Create comprehensive articles

Instead of toiling over a considerable number of articles that all refer to the same topic, create a longer, more in-depth guide that will bring together all the aspects that are essential for a particular subject. When people visit a site and want to learn about a specific product or service, they expect to read a professional review, and that’s why better-documented articles bring more traffic.

Don’t spend hours producing quantity. Focus on quality, and you will see that you will work less and in a smarter way that will bring you more benefits.

Focus on creating headlines that draw attention

The article you’ve just finished might be fantastic. It might contain more information than anything else the competition offers to readers. And it can be a stepping stone for your blog and bring in the traffic you deserve. In case that’s not happening, it may be all because of a simple mistake: your headline is not eye-catching enough.

Successful bloggers don’t blog day in and day out. Instead, they focus their efforts where it matters. For traffic purposes, you should take your time and think of a headline that is bound to draw attention. This way, the content of your article will also receive the attention it deserves. Plus, your readers will get to benefit from the information you gathered.

Use readers’ comments to generate content that matters

Regardless of how talented and well informed you may be on the topic of your blog, you may not always know what people want or expect to read when they land on your website. It is a great idea to get to know your audience, and one way to do that is by interacting with them via the comment section of your blog.

Furthermore, besides the valuable interaction and connection you establish with your readers, you will get something else: information you can use to write blog posts that matter. See what drives your readers, what they would like to read, what they are after. Instead of putting out articles that elicit mild interest, at best, give the people what they want.

Be clear and concise

Reading a blog is not the same as reading literature or scholarly articles. A blog is what it is which is a way for the layman to get to the gist of the matter without having to learn complicated lingo or struggle with what the author wanted to say.

That’s not a way to tell you that you shouldn’t be creative in your writing. However, you should never sacrifice clarity and what you want to say for the sake of sounding clever and edgy. Make it easy for your readers to understand your words. It is the only way they can benefit from them.

Identify problems so that you can offer solutions

No matter what you’re selling, be it a product, a service, an e-book, you need to figure out what problems you can address via the posts on your blog. Create this clear connection between the problems people have and what you’re selling, as the solution. Be honest and offer opportunities for readers to solve their issues, and they will surely come back for more.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.