Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to Drive Business Growth

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” —James Cash Penney, founder of JCPenney

  1. J.C. Penney Company Inc. started as a single dry goods store in 1902 by James Cash Penny (in conjunction with his business partners). It has since grown to 864 shops (2017 figures) across all the states in the USA as well as in Puerto Rico.

Thus, he is well qualified to state (in the quotation mentioned above) that business growth must be an intentional process, and it cannot be driven by a single entity within a company or group of companies.

Driving business growth in our post-modern world

Therefore, the question that must be asked and answered is how can you use JC Penny’s example to drive growth in your small business?

There are many answers to this question. However, the most relevant answer to this question that applies to our modern retail environment is to partner with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This answer then poses further questions: What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?  And, how do you implement it in your business?

By way of answering these two questions, here are the definition and implementation answers:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Succinctly stated, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an “all-in-one business management solution that’s easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions.

It includes software applications like Customer Relationship Management, financial management, and supply chain management systems. In other words, everything that you need to ensure that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently, from the procurement of stock to the sales of this stock, and finally, to the financial reporting of the company’s sales and procurement figures.

Implementation of these systems

The best way to go about implementing the software applications mention above, is to consult Use Dynamics. They provide a large variety of educational materials including video guides, online documents, migration guide, and an introduction to the Master Data Information app.

The video guides include an overview of Business Central, how to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central, accessing all the feature of this product, managing inventory, setting up workflow processes, working with Excel, and setting up the email and send documentation facility.

The Master Data information app is required to set up the data that belongs in the master tables. For example, let’s assume that your small business buys and sells bicycles to the sport and recreation market. Therefore, your company’s master data will include supplier details, bicycle types, makes and models, spares for each model, and cycling accessories such as clothing, helmets, and bicycle pumps.

Final thoughts

This article touches the tip of the iceberg concerning the power and enhancement ability that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has to drive business growth by increasing customers, managing stock levels, and improving sales figures. This product is also highly customisable to suit each individual business needs.

Therefore, it is worth conducting an in-depth study of the product to determine how you can implement it in your business to grow your business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.