USANA Invests in Built Brands for Strategic Collaboration into Nutrition Bar Expansion

USANA: The Cellular Nutrition Company has Big Plans Moving Forward with Built Brands to Offer Healthy Great Tasting Nutrition Bars Dubbed Active Nutrition in The Coming Year.

It was announced on December 3rd, 2020 that USANA entered into a collaboration with Built Brands by making a strategic minority equity investment. The goal of that investment is clear. USANA is looking to use Built Brands’ expertise in accelerating the expansion and enhancement of USANA’s line of nutrition bars. USANA’s new foods plant will be home to the development and manufacturing of these new nutrition bars.

What is a minority equity investment? Well, there are minority equity investments and majority equity investments. The latter is an investment of 51% or more, as the name majority suggests. A minority equity investment is any amount less than half—49% or less—and typically consists of a quarter to a third of the equity position of the company. This means that USANA does not gain a controlling interest in Built Brands but has almost certainly made a large investment in relation to the size of Built Brands’ total equity.

The Built Bar line features many flavors in both Nut Free and With Nut varietals. From Coconut—that some people say tastes like a Mounds—to salted caramel, orange, raspberry, and even a new Candy Cane Brownie, most of their Nut Free Built Bars carry a whopping 17g of Protein with only 130 calories and just 4g of sugar. Built also has Built Bites for a smaller serving, BuiltGO for energy and protein together, and even a selection of Built Broth for those that enjoy a little bone broth for pure collagen protein.

Speaking for USANA on the collaboration, Kevin Guest said, “Built Brands is well known for their unique and great-tasting protein bars. We look forward to collaborating with Built Brands and leveraging its expertise in the development of new and exclusive USANA products, starting with our upcoming Active Nutrition product line in 2021.” Kevin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for USANA. Considering the number of Gold Medal Olympic athletes that exclusively trust USANA’s supplements for their training, a whole new line of Active Nutrition products seems like just the ticket for this coming new year.

Nick Greer CEO of Built Brands was quoted as saying, “We welcome the opportunity to partner with USANA, a leader in cellular nutrition, and appreciate their desire to partner with our company. Through this collaboration, we are confident that we can support the team at USANA to bring to market unique and innovative new products to their customers around the world.”

USANA truly is known the world over, serving its pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements and skincare products in 24 countries worldwide. Founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA has become a giant in the world of cellular nutrition over the past nearly three decades. USANA is headquartered in West Valley City, Utah and is traded publicly on the NYSE: USNA. More information on USANA can be found at

Built Brands is headquartered in American Fork, Utah and is dedicated to continuous innovation to help transform the way customers fuel active and healthy lifestyles. For more information on Built Bars or to order your favorite flavor, visit

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