Up-to-date ClubKit solutions to improve business efficiency

Business is constantly looking for new resources to place, promote, and optimize. In the spring of the current year, a new mobile application entered the market that intends to give entrepreneurs a new platform for their activities. The ClubKit application is worth attention. It intends to firmly strengthen itself among modern business applications.

ClubKit tool to place goods and services

The ClubKit app is an entirely new business promotion solution. The principle is that users are registered as businesses or as consumers. Businesses can be entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, small businesses, agencies, etc. The application offers to create a space where you will post products or services to announce events, to blog about your brand. Consumers subscribe to spaces at the invitation of the owner. In the near future, the subscription and publicity settings will be available. Presently, the app invites businesses to create private mobile spaces. ClubKit доступен на iOS and Android.

Select a tariff that meets needs perfectly

The ClubKit offers a choice of three tariff plans with a set of features and solutions. Business users can subscribe for months or years.

The Starter — free. Create one space with 2 products/services and one article. Use a Starter pack of widgets to design the space.

The Basic — $4.99/month. Create one space with 25 merchandise items and publish 10 articles and 10 events in a feed. Use a Basic pack of widgets to design the space.

Tariff Plus — $7.99/month. Create two spaces with 200 merchandise items per each, and publish up to 20 articles and 20 events in a feed. Use a Plus pack of widgets to design the space, or use ready-made templates for space design.

Universal business in ClubKit

The ClubKit application is not only for business. Influencers, bloggers, event agents and service agencies, artists and craftsmen, small family enterprises, private entrepreneurs and experienced businesses are all potential users of ClubKit. Invite potential consumers to subscribe to your space. Generate a digital code or QR code and post it through available resources — from social networks to physical sales outlets. 

The widgets in the app are mock items. When you design the space, you fill the widget with text information, images, and videos. ClubKit offers users to make a contact card space, a card with information about delivery, place a card with the specified physical point of the store, add video from your phone or YouTube. Images can be placed in the form of a mesh, merry-go-round, jumbotron, banner and much more.

Your online store. Users create product cards, draw a page for each product or service – specify all the necessary information about the product and can put a special status: discount, sale, novelty, pre-order, etc.

Your blog. Space owners write articles, news and publish them in space, you can set up comments, communicate with your subscribers and conduct consumer surveys. In addition, the space administration can announce events, fairs, the opening of new sales outlets, etc.

ClubKit is a tool for effective business management. The best way to learn more about its functionality is by download app for business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.