Top Six Custom Packaging Solutions for Businesses

Businesses rely on product packaging to sell, display, and ship their products to consumers. This packaging has a huge impact on how the product is perceived. It needs to be designed so that it works for the products and appeals to consumers. A custom packaging company like PakFactory can create a number of personalized packaging solutions for companies to get their products out there and draw consumers in. Take a look at the following six packaging solutions for business.

1. Folding Lightweight Carton Boxes

Packaging companies can help businesses design the perfect lightweight box to package products. The important thing is to consider the target demographics and create a design that will appeal to those customers. These boxes make the first impression on consumers and they can be created to have the perfect fit for the product with an attractive design. It is important for the design to show consumers the benefits of the product without appearing cluttered.

These boxes are typically made with paperboard that has an elegant finish. They can be custom sized to fit any product perfectly so that it won’t shift or become damaged inside the box. In addition, businesses can select any colour for the graphics and print to ensure that the end result is perfect for each unique product.

2. Corrugated Boxes

When businesses need heavy-duty packaging for added protection of their products, custom corrugated boxes offer a convenient solution. These boxes are made from two layers of corrugated paperboard with rows of air columns between the two. The air columns help to cushion and protect the products inside the box. The boxes are stronger and resistant to crushing, and they can be customized to be the exact size for any product.

3. POP Displays and Stands

POP displays and stands are an important tool for presenting products and services to customers. These products need to draw customers in and capture their interest so that they want to learn more about the business’s products or services. In addition, businesses want to make sure that these displays fit into the retail space without creating clutter. Custom packaging companies can help businesses to design the perfect floor and countertop displays and stands for their products.

4. Custom Inserts for Products

Custom inserts offer stylish and personalized protection for products, which is critical to products staying safe inside. Different products have different protection needs and custom inserts are made accordingly. Businesses can work with custom insert companies to design inserts made from foam, cardboard, plastic trays, moulded pulp, and other solutions. In addition to the protection given to products, the insert can be designed to showcase products in a unique way.

5. Luxury Paper Bags

Having high-quality paper bags helps to promote a business and they are environmentally friendly. Consumers have preferred luxury paper bags for ages as they are able to reuse them. Having a custom-designed luxury paper bag is vital to most businesses. These paper bags can be made in many different shapes and sizes and they can be custom tailored to suit each individual business’s message and needs.

6. Custom Labels

Businesses have found that having a customized logo is a great way to foster brand recognition, which allows them to set their products apart from others. Labels can be used on boxes and in many other ways to ensure that a business is able to leave a lasting impression with customers. These labels can be made in rolls or in sheets, depending on the needs of the business. Labels are simply another detail that lets customers know that the business is one to remember.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.