Top Five Reasons to Use Channel Letter Signs

Whether you are looking for greater visibility or you want to share your organization’s name, you can get wholesale channel letter signs to make an impression. This helps to grow brand awareness, and customers will come to identify with your brand. You can use channel letter signs made of different materials, such as plastic or metal, and they have different faces, backs, and lighting elements. You can choose the color that is best for you. Take a look at the top five reasons to use channel letter signs.

1. They Offer Better Readability

First of all, these signs are more readable. They come with lettering in 3D, and you can mount them on many different types of surfaces. This type of letting is more noticeable than other types because they are 3D and have an impact. You want people to recognize your sign and identify it with your business. When you choose a sign that is unique and specific to your business, people will remember it.

2. You Can Choose From Many Designs

When you choose a sign for your business, it is important to get something that is unique and stands out. This allows you to make a good first impression so that people remember your advertisement and return to your business. You can use wholesale channel letters to create any number of designs for your sign. They come in different fonts, colors, and sizes, so you can customize your message.

3. Choose the Best Lighting Solution

Channel letter signs come with different lighting options, ranging from backlighting to LED lighting. You can also get the front lit up or both the front and the back. You can choose black and white faces or side lighting. There are so many different choices that you can choose a sign that is unique and works well for your business. You can present the image you want by customizing your sign.

4. You Have Different Mounting Options

Another way that you can customize your sign is by choosing how to mount it. You can flush mount it when you want the letters close to the surface underneath the sign. However, you can also mount it to a larger mount for a layered look.

Some options have room to hide the wires that it uses to light up, while others want to plug them in so that they can be moved around. You can use a raceway mount if you want to install them onto the building. There are sign consultants out there who can help you select the sign and letters that work best for your business.

5. You Can Build Your Brand

Everything that you put out there with your company’s name on it is a part of how people identify with your company. When you choose a sign with channel letters, you have an opportunity to build your brand. Make sure that you use it to send the message that you want your customers to see. It should be visually appealing and let people know what your business stands for.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.