Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling Through Edinburgh

Few places in the world capture the heart and the imagination quite like the country of Scotland. This majestic land has always been synonymous with courage, strength, and beauty. Whether it’s the rolling green hills or the stately castles that still stand, Scotland’s borders see millions of tourists every year. The music, the food, the culture, it all has an international appeal that brings in visitors from all over the globe. 

If you are planning to travel through Edinburgh and want to stop and enjoy the city for a bit, this is everything you know about how to keep your luggage safe, and what to see! 

Use Bounce in Edinburgh 

One of the greatest stresses to travel is always luggage. Your luggage is your lifeline while you move out and away from your home and embark on a new adventure. You’re leaving your whole life behind you, and you’re only bringing what you can fit in your bags! It’s more than just an inconvenience when something happens to your luggage, it’s a legitimate crisis. 

Now, an airline sending your luggage to the wrong location is one thing, but having it stolen is completely different. With a simple matter of misplacement, you may have to deal with some temporary unfortunate circumstances, but your luggage can be returned to you. However, when it comes to keeping your luggage safe, that’s completely different. 

The good news is that if you are passing through Edinburgh, you don’t have to worry about your luggage when it comes to exploring the old city. That’s because Bounce has several secure luggage storages in Edinburgh at several locations throughout the entire city! 

Waverly Station, South Bridge, and Prince Street are just some of the several locations where you can drop off your luggage safely throughout the city. How does it work?

Bounce is the world’s number one luggage storage service and it’s super convenient. All you do is get online, or use the app, to find a location, reserve your storage space, and your good to go. Show up to your storage space, deposit your luggage, and then simply don’t think about it again until you come back to retrieve it! This kind of convenience and peace of mind frees you up to spend what time you have exploring the city of Edinborough without carrying your luggage with you or worrying about its safety. 

With several storage locations around the city, Edinburgh is a perfect place to just pick a location to explore and go. So whether you sticking close to Waverly Station or you want to branch off, find a storage location nearby and take advantage of the peace of mind that Bounce can provide. T

This is truly the best way to keep your luggage safe while traveling through Edinburgh and still enjoy a quick visit through the city! 

What to See While Passing through Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is one of the most unique cities you can visit in midwest Europe. This ancient city is considered to be the United Kingdoms’ second most popular and well-visited city after none other than London. 

The city of Edinburgh is the main seat of governmental power for Scotland and maintains its history beautifully. Old medicinal architecture is on display in spades throughout Edinburgh and the city is a must-see for fans of European history. 

Calton Hill

If you want to get a snapshot of the city to remember your pass through Edinburgh, the number one place you need to visit is Calton Hill. This vantage point allows you to see the entire city in all of its majesty and beauty and was also the site of the country’s first-ever public park. 

Royal Botanical Gardens

If you’ve had a rough day of it, and you want to experience a piece of Edinburg but don’t quite have the energy for the bustling city, consider hitting up the botanical gardens. These beautiful gardens are world renown and won’t leave you disappointed if you just need some time to sit and reflect while still soaking in what Edinburgh has to offer. 

Enjoy Your Visit Through Edinburgh 

So whether you just want to cut into town for a Scottish meal and a visit to one of Edinburgh’s famous pubs, or you want to see some of the iconic landmarks like Arthur’s Seat, you can’t go wrong using Bounce. Your luggage will stay safe and secured so you can enjoy what time you have in one of the most popular cities in the entire UK!  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.