Top 5 Software for Backing Up Your Hyper-V in 2020

Hyper-V is a great virtualization option. It has many benefits you can enjoy and optimize to push your enterprise forward. However, it’s still vulnerable to potential data loss, and thus, the need for dependable and affordable Nakivo Hyper-v backup solutions. Otherwise, failing to back up your important data could mean you back off your desire to survive data catastrophes.

Fortunately, we have many alternatives you can use in backing up your Hyper-V world. Here are the five leading software you can try.

Nakivo 8.5 Backup and Replication

This tool is excellent when you need a reliable solution to back up your Hyper-V world. It supports Windows Server 2019. It also supports virtualized machines running in VMware and Hyper-V ecosystems. It also performs incremental backups. It’s also app-sensitive; hence, it captures all app data in a constituent transaction state. It can also deduplicate and compress your data before backing them up and save you storage space.

The solution supports per-machine licensing to save you the hassles of one supplier locking you in their subscriptions like their slave. Thus, you may shift platforms quickly without incurring hefty costs.

You can use it to create copies of your virtualized PCs and store them safely. Moreover, these duplicates don’t consume your resources since they are in a switched-off mode.

Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup is another software you can use to back up your Hyper-V. It lets you duplicate your backups automatically to NAS and other networks. Besides, the brand has a single-licensing plan serving unlimited virtual machines within networks and performs other forms of back up activities. 

It can assist in backing up your data by compressing or synchronizing them. You may optimize it to copy your locked files and store your valuable information online. The app is effective in recovering your backed up details on different hosts. Moreover, it eliminates software agents and lets you do your backups unhindered.


This tool is an excellent choice if you seek a scalable and reliable app that can help you to back up your data. You can configure it to match your budgetary limits and meet your current needs. Moreover, it works fast and saves you the time you could have wasted on tedious and lengthy backup processes. 

It has an easy-to-use installation wizard that walks you through the process within a few minutes. You can also choose to back up individual drives or a whole hard drive. It also integrates well with other cloud solutions like Dropbox.

The best part is that it’s free of charge. It lets you back up your images, servers, PCs, and VMs. You may utilize it to perform all types of backups—incremental, full, and differential.

Vembu BDR Suite Free

Free software lovers have something to celebrate. This brand releases its free version suite that can back up data on both virtualized and hardware computers. It also features backup for Windows Server and Windows workstations. It’s ideal for backing up and replicating data. You may use it to back up your VMware and Hyper-V machines. Its physical support can work in different environments, such as servers and laptops. 

The software is ideal for storing computers running on different platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows. It also facilitates easier migration on these platforms. Don’t forget that it’s ideal for cloud backups and offsite data recoveries. It also verifies backed up data automatically.


This last software is one of the cheapest options for those working with limited VMware backup budgets. You may optimize it to perform your data’s instant recoveries. It also allows you to do file-based restores. It’s worth noting that it’s still useful for scheduling your backup tasks. Moreover, the application can effectively support commercial and free ESXi. It’s also to utilize it in backing up any number of virtualized computers. Lastly, it comes in standard and professional versions. Thus, you can upgrade if you feel you need more.

There you go with the five leading software you can utilize to back up your Hyper-V. It’s up to you to use this information to choose the best one the suits your backup needs.

Anzhela Sychyk

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