Top 5 Reasons a Human Should Always Answer Your Business Phone

Agreeably, pro-automation enthusiasts may argue that automation make our lives and operations more convenient.

While it`s with no doubt that automation plays a crucial role in our lives, we believe, to our least opinion though that there`re still some places that need that critical human touch.

And one of those areas is the phone support department, and the statistics are a clear testimony to that.

Consider this:

  • Two-thirds of customers hung up the phone when they cannot reach a live person
  • More than 72% of customers who reach an automated answer will hang up and potentially call a competitor without leaving any message
  • Businesses lose an average of 14 calls per week
  • Lost calls equate to lost business
  • Callers are eight more times likely to leave callback information with a live person

But let`s look at the top 5 reasons why a human should always be answering your phone call.

  • Make a Great First Impression

In the business and marketing world, impressions matter a lot, especially the first impression.

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You don`t want to miss out on a job opportunity because you`re too busy to get on the phone.

With a human receptionist, you`re assured that they will provide coverage your business needs when you need it, so potential customers do not fall through the cracks.

There`s no risk of losing customers to automated voices as every caller is greeted by a live, cheerful person, who`s prepared to follow your custom instructions.

  • Humans Can Act as Part of your Sales Team

It`s always wise for any business to consider a human receptionist more than a phone greeter but also a salesperson.

While the human receptionist will make the first impression and answer the general questions, they will also turn the “interested” customer into a “sold” customer.

Turning a phone greeter into a sale person is an excellent way of boosting sales and getting prospective customers to do business with your company.

This is as opposed to the automated calls, which cannot call back, gather or even relay information your business needs to make an informed follow-up.

  • Saves Time for Your Callers

A common misconception among many business owners is thinking that technology behind automation helps in saving time by keeping your workers off the phone. However, as it turns out, it’s the reverse, and it`s going to cost everyone time-both yours and that of the client.

With an automated call, clients have to wait through the menu to get transferred to the right person or department. And if they hit the wrong button, they’ve to do it all over again, not to mention it`s always a hassle figuring out which button or option is the correct one.

Instead, why not simplify the process by using a human receptionist that will receive the call and direct it to the right department or contact, or simply help the client then and there?

With an immediate response, time is saved, and everyone involved will have a better experience.

  • Show your Callers They`re Important

Nothing is worse than feeling like any other number that a company does want to business with.

Your clients will feel more appreciated and essential when they`re handled by a human, rather than an automated voice.

More to this, a human will provide a personalized and superior approach that will help in handling every case accordingly.

  • Gain a Peace of Mind

A human assistant provides peace of mind in knowing that every call made to your premise is handled by a customer experience expert.

A human who knows how to treat your clients, a human who is dedicated, and above all, a human who is helpful-so your callers are happy, and so you look good.


For these five reasons, it`s crucial that you do away with your with automated answering service, and instead hire a live answering service right away.

Hire your customer support service to, to ensure your callers are catered for quickly, professional and empathetically. Remember that our professionalism means the difference between closing that deal, or encouraging your caller to call your competition.

And best of all, we shall provide the reassurance at a fraction of hiring an in-house worker.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.