5 Tips to Write an Attractive Instagram Bio for Your Business

Writing a profile bio seems like an easy task when you look at other accounts’ bios. The few simple lines seem like content you can simply scribble and move on to your main content. However, if you think about it, this is not the case. A bio is the window or the introduction to your main profile, and you need to craft something that will catch the audience’s attention. If users are not captivated by your bio, then they are unlikely going to visit your page to view the rest of your content. So, you need to take time and focus on crafting an appealing bio. It is particularly important to know how to use popular Instagram hashtags to have your account reach as many people as possible. Here are a few tips to guide you on how to create an appealing and useful bio for your business.

Understand Your Business

You cannot have an intro if you do not even understand what your business is all about. Your bio should give an overview of what your business is all about. Once a client sees what you are all about, they can then decide if they will proceed to your main page and check out your good or/and services or simply leave it at that. The key to understanding your business is to identify the strong points of it and using it as an introduction to potential clients.

Know the Goals of Your Bio

Every bio is curated to serve a specific purpose depending on the nature of your business. You can write a bio to show what your business is all about, show the personality of your brand, educate clients, provide contact information or maybe just potential clients to take some desired action. The content on your bio should, therefore, be guided by what you intend to achieve. If your intention is to guide your clients to your website, include a link that leads to your website.

Choose a Nice Profile Pic

You cannot downplay the importance of this element on your bio. The profile photo is the face of your business. If you are marketing yourself, consider having a profile photo that displays your face. Research shows that profile pictures that have human faces get more likes than those that have other images. If you are using your face, ensure that it is clear and not cluttered with other stuff. Considering that Instagram is more of connecting with others, you may want to have an informal but respectable picture. If you are not the brand in your business, then consider using a logo that represents your company, a symbol or simply a pic of one of your products.

Be Organized

Do not just jumble up information on your bio. Such a bio can be distractive and repel potential clients. Consider breaking up your information in small bits, then fit them with adequate spacing in the space provided. If you have a quote or something catchy, find a way on incorporating the same on your bio in a manner that draws the attention of potential clients. You can also spice it up by including emojis to add emotion to your message. More than 50% of captions and comments on Instagram contain emojis. This just shows how Instagram uses love this feature. Remember, the key point is placing all these in an organized and unique manner.

Take Advantage of the Instagram Link

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram provides an opportunity to use just a single clickable link. Make sure you include this link in your bio to redirect clients to your official business site or your online shop. You can draw more attention to your link if you really want users to proceed to your page. Use highlighted arrows or the various catchy emojis available on Instagram.

While Instagram bio has limited space for you to express yourself, take it with the importance it deserves. It is a vital area on your profile that you tell about yourself and your business, provide contact information and a splendid way of drawing traffic to your official site hence pushing your page up the google search engine.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.