Tired Of The Same Surroundings? Servcorp Coworking Space In Bangkok Might Be The Refresh You Need

The coworking phenomenon is taking root in Thailand, and professionals in Bangkok are taking advantage of the space’s versatility. Of the numerous benefits to professionals working in the city, the coworking space provides businesses with a platform for establishing business relationships in a professional community. These relationships often lead to opportunities to partner and collaborate with others.

In Thailand, this is the perfect opportunity for business people who thrive on personal relationships to build business ones. However, when your workspace becomes confining, or even worse uninspiring, this can be the source of a rut, except with a Servcorp Coworking Space in Bangkok you have the versatility that drives creativity. Servcorp operates out of three offices in the city, each one offering your business something a little different.

Keep reading to learn more about how the Servcorp coworking space in Bangkok might be the refresh you need for your business.

Three Convenient Locations

Servcorp services three offices in locations on Rama I, Wireless, Ploenchit Roads, each with its distinct community and style. Servcorp off of Rama I Road is in the centre of Bangkok’s CBD and is the location of many of the city’s prestigious business addresses. The building is designed with feng shui principles in mind and its address’s number is considered to be lucky and bring prosperity. Transit is easily accessible through the skywalk centre that connects Siam and Chidlom Stations. In addition, the building is near shopping and one major hotel. Considered to be the centre of commerce, it has to be one of the most beautiful skylines in the city.

The office on Wireless Road was constructed with the green principles in mind. In fact, the building is at least 25% eco-friendly. Not only is the building a beautiful one in the middle of a shopping mall, the building is located near BTS Ploen Chit Station, which offers connections to transportation around the city. Finally, the office on Ploenchit Road is connected to transportation stations, but it has equally attractive dining, shopping, and entertainment areas.

For professionals who work in Servcorp Bangkok buildings, you get the benefit of working for a world-class outfit that will allow you to access buildings in other locations. Whether you decide to travel within the country or internationally, your business can change the scenery to adapt to the versatile business scene all by reserving space in any one of its buildings around the world. The busy pedestrian traffic, the beautiful skylines, and majestic shopping centres can be the background that inspires creativity and innovation within the coworking space.

Connecting To Your Community  

The coworking space in and of itself can be a place where a lot of work is completed. The eclectic group of professionals that come and go throughout the day makes the space interesting. For this reason, connecting to a community, or three of them, cannot only make work interesting, but it can also be the fuel that creates creativity just because the environment is constantly changing. Your business has a few opportunities in the coworking space to connect with other professionals. If working in any of the workstations or private areas, in designated break areas, or in the conference or meeting rooms, then you can impact the work you do in so many positive ways bringing a new twist to invention with every new relationship.

Hitting The Refresh Button

Business can get real dull at times, and having a change of scenery is the thing that can inspire creativity, if not motivation. Your coworking spaces in Bangkok can give you versatility while providing you with a place to manage your business. Ultimately, business cannot get done in stagnation, and the offices off of Rama I, Wireless, Ploenchit Roads can shake things up for your business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.