Tips on Keeping the Workplace Neat & Tidy

Whatever your chosen business sector, it is important to maintain a high level of cleanliness and have a place for everything, so to speak. This isn’t always easy, especially when you are run off your feet and without some kind of system, the workspace can quickly become cluttered, which not only looks bad, it is also dangerous.

Here are a few tips to maintain a neat and tidy place of work.

Plastic Storage

Check out your nearest plastic box shop and see the amazing storage containers on offer; they have all shapes and sizes, with modules that interconnect to form shelves or racks. Trolleys and boxes made from high-grade plastic will last for years and the units are easy to wash and keep clean.

Hand-washing Stations

Whether an office or a vehicle maintenance workshop, you should have adequate hand-washing stations with suitable cleaning solutions. If a mechanic has to answer the phone, he should wash his hands first to ensure that items in the room are not made dirty. If you are looking for ways to raise capital for your business, click here.

Hanging Items

If you have a bare wall in your workshop, for example, attaching racks allows you to hang many tools and it might be possible to hand something from the ceiling, making use of otherwise wasted space. You can buy shelving from the online supplier of plastic storage containers and they stock many designs so there will be something ideally suited for your particular work area.

Cleaning Equipment

Of course, there should be a dust-pan & brush, which should be used often to keep the floor clean and free from debris and mopping the floor is another essential task that must be completed. Every business can be inspected without advanced notice, so it is best to make sure that you are compliant with health & hygiene.

Waste Bins

There should always be adequate waste bins, where you can dispose of wrappings, food and drink containers. These should have lids and small plastic bags are used as liners to prevent the spread of bad odours and with a place to put litter, the working area will remain clean.

Keeping Tools in Their Proper Place

If you and your employees have a habit of returning tools and items of equipment as soon as the work is complete, this will help you keep the area tidy. Accidents can easily occur when tools are laying around and with a place for everything, you will always know where a particular tool is.

Mezzanine Floor

Ideal for the small warehouse or factory, this makes good use of space that would otherwise be empty and if you search online, you will find a local supplier of bespoke mezzanine floor solutions.

If the workplace is neat and tidy, the business is likely to be more productive and a lot safer. It doesn’t cost much to add a few plastic storage boxes and everyone will benefit. While on the topic of safety in the workplace, here is some government information.