The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Marketing Automation Software

Your online target audience may be made of people seeking very similar products or services, however, each individual is different in their needs and wants. Due to this, online marketers can struggle with providing a personalised experience to their customers if the proper techniques and software aren’t implemented.

This is why marketing automation software has become revolutionary in recent years to keep B2B marketers in touch with the customers and provide a more tailored experience to their users. While the benefits of marketing automation software are vast, they fundamentally work in the same way, to provide a customised communication to perfectly suit each person.

Tracking and Monitoring

Using automation software is a means to provide data to allow marketers to monitor and track the behaviour of customers and potential leads. 

It generates insight into how these users are interacting with your website including dwell time, which pages are being visited the most, their location and if your call to action has been used.

This data can then be used to create actionable insights, such as improved landing pages, alter your current email campaigns, re-position, multiple or remove calls to action and have a clear view of what channels are bringing more traffic to your website. 

You can also tailor this to provide actions when certain pages are viewed to help give leads a gentle push to convert when they have been showing a keen interest in purchasing.

What was once considered a luxury commodity in the marketing world is now becoming essential. With businesses constantly competing online for customers, staying competitive to other providers is key.

Personalised Emails 

Mailing lists are proving important for customers, not only can they be kept in the loop of new products, promotions and changes, it also keeps your businesses at the forefront of a consumer’s mind and makes sure they don’t forget about you.

While emailing all of your contact lists will certainly ensure the most people will see it, it can be counterproductive. The public can quickly become tired, annoyed and even angered at marketing emails, especially if they do not contain content that interests them.

By analysing users’ actions, you can create tailored email groups based on their behaviour. Not only will this create useful and relevant information for your email subscribers, but it will prevent disgruntled receivers from unsubscribing and leading to a diminished mailing list. 

Not only can you create personalised emails depending on clicks on your site, but you can even tailor further emails depending on a user’s interacting with your previous one. This helps to eliminate a ‘spammy’ bulk of emails and only follow-up with those who engaged with your previous communication.

Increase Revenue 

Whether it’s a matching bag to a pair of shoes or extended warranties to gaming equipment, most businesses have products that go well together.

Not every customer will purchase both at the same time, this could be due to not knowing about them, lack of budget at the time or perhaps wanting to try the initial product first before committing to more spending.

You can set automated email alerts for days, weeks or even months after particular purchases to alert customers of these complementary products. In turn, this will lead to those who had not considered a second purchase to be more likely to return.

Productivity & Efficiency  

A common problem in most jobs is there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all tasks at hand.

Before the creation of marketing automation software, marketing teams would methodically have to sort through contact lists and manually analyse user data. From this, actions would be created.

This way of working is incredibly repetitive and time-consuming, meaning marketing teams would have to push resources and other elements of the role, such as campaign creating, would miss out of the focus it deserves.

Marketing automation software does this for you, meaning marketing teams have more time for the important stuff and costs are reduced as less staff are required to produce quality work.

Integrating this software with current CRM systems means that customer profiles can automatically be built based on the data collected. This provides the sales teams with the perfect opportunity to separate cold and hot leads and reduce time wasted on those who are not sincere about making a purchase.

Retaining Customers

While it is important to attract new customers to any business, it is crucial to keep current customers happy so they return and continue to spend with us.

Marketing automation software gives the best insight into their intent and provides the means to anticipate their next purchase with their needs and wants.

Understanding how they think and what interests them means you can provide the right information to them, leading to trust in your brand and a likelihood of them returning.

This doesn’t have to be anything too complex either. Reminders for when a service may be running out or when a product should be serviced or replaced can let your customers know that you care about them and makes them feel more valued.

You can even help them make the most of what they have already purchased, even if this means they will not have to make another purchase for some time. 

By showing them how to utilise new features or updates provides a feeling of true caring towards your email recipients and this provides value to your brand. This means when they are ready to make a purchase, they are far more likely to return to your brand and it shows you care about them.

It removes the ‘hard sale’ tactic that can often lead consumers to distrust a brand.

It can seem a daunting task to marketing teams when it comes to such a big change in the way they work. Even implementing just one aspect of marketing automation can make a real difference to you and your customers.

Ensuring staff are properly trained opens up a world of opportunities with your email lists and can increase your marketing team’s efficiency and productivity.

Blake Cohen

Blake is a business journalist with a wealth of experience covering the world of finance, economics and technology. With over a decade of experience reporting on the latest trends in the corporate world, Blake has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, analytical and forward-thinking journalist. He has a keen eye for spotting emerging technologies and trends in the business world, and is able to explain their impact on the economy and society in a clear and compelling way.