Why you should avoid these web design mistakes

There are a multitude of mistakes that can be made when designing a website, but unless you understand the damage that common errors can do to your sales and brand reputation, taking action might not cross your mind.

Here is a look at the missteps that are worth avoiding and why they make so much sense to sidestep with the help of a reputable web design company like Parachute Design.

Absent CTAs stifle conversions

Your website is the storefront for your business, and so it needs to be proactive in its approach to convincing casual visitors to convert into paying customers.

This is where a call to action (CTA) can make a big difference; it is the element which clearly outlines what purpose a web page serves, as well as giving users the impetus to actually interact with it after clicking through from a search engine or other source.

If, on the other hand, you are not adding adequate CTAs at suitable moments, then you could see conversion rates languishing in the doldrums instead of soaring to new heights.

Ignored analytics cause site stagnation

Another common issue amongst business websites is that the organizations tend to overlook the data related to site performance which could give them into an insight into why visitors are not engaging in greater numbers, or why traffic levels are so low in the first place.

Thankfully there are a lot of different tools that provide effective, easy to understand website analytics that can pinpoint problems with the design and give you actionable insights so that ameliorations can be made.

Poor search optimization harms site visibility

While the power of social media has grown in recent years, most people are still likely to stumble upon your site by using a search engine. Of course unless your site is properly optimized to rank well on Google and its counterparts, it will not generate the kind of organic traffic that can be so valuable for smaller businesses looking to get their foot in the door of the digital marketplace.

SEO is a broad, complex procedure, covering everything from how well your content is written to how quickly pages load. It is also a bit of a balancing act, as you need to weigh the need to make your pages readable and relevant for visitors against the need to put in enough keywords to grab the attention of search algorithms. Once again, expert assistance with this process is worth seeking out.

Inflexible design alienates mobile users

If you are still not taking the needs of smartphone users into account when you design your website, you are potentially harming your chances of connecting with the vast majority of prospective visitors.

Responsive web design has been a buzzword for some years now, but it is still a crucial part of making a site which works for all visitors, regardless of the device they are using. A site which looks great on desktop but does not adapt to fit other devices is a millstone around the neck of your brand.

Drew Neisser