The Importance of a Good Office Desk

There are many different factors that create the importance of a good office desk. These include health benefits, increased production, and even the image of you or your company. In this article we are going to focus on the benefits of a standing desk in particular. A standing desk brings the best benefits to you, your company, and your success. It can also increase the happiness in not only yourself but your work environment. Sitting for a long period of time has actually been linked to an increase in both depression and anxiety. 

A standing desk provides many more health benefits simply because it allows you to stand. Oftentimes, people are sitting at a desk for hours each day. Standing can make a huge impact on your health. Studies actually show that after a meal, standing will actually help blood sugar levels return to normal much faster than sitting. Therefore, being able to go back to a standing desk after your lunch break is over can become a healthy choice, making work a more exciting place to be. Along with this, using a standing desk can also reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain. You will notice these pains are common amongst office-based positions. By using a standing desk, you can actually burn about 50 calories an hour helping decrease weight gain. Weight gain can lead to things such as diabetes. Therefore, the health benefits of a standing desk have the ability to lower the amount of people with some of the world’s most popular diseases. Having access to a standing desk will change the experience of the entire office as a whole.  Desk height and keyboard placement have a major effect on how you sit. Seeking out a standing desk allows you to meet the physical needs for yourself allowing for better work. 

Having a pain free and comfortable work desk from EverDesk+ helps make for happy employees. It is said that a happy employee is much more productive. Productivity is crucial in a work environment, not just for the company, but the employees as well. Productivity will help make an employee feel more successful and help create a higher faith in themselves. Employees will feed off each other’s high productivity and increased happiness creating a much better work environment. A better work environment will make an employee much more excited to come to work. Another way having a pain free environment creates productivity is that pain can slow you down. For some, it may even cause you to lose time at work dealing with long term medical necessities. Medical things that could have been avoided with the proper desk to use. Loss of employees can decrease revenue and success rate for companies.

Having such a great work environment can attract more customers and even help the company become the top choice against their competitors. This is not the only thing that can help though. Having the proper desk in your office actually reflects your business image. It gives both customers and competitors an idea of how the company operates. Ultimately it affects how customers and competitors will perceive how you and your company does business. Therefore, the type of desk you use can determine the success or failure of a business. The type of desk you are using can also influence how your organization is done. Without proper space, this can actually hinder your productivity and cause loss in clientele and profits. Lack of proper organization can lead to losing important documents and tools needed to succeed in your job. 

To purchase a proper desk is an investment in yourself, your team, and your company. The better the investment, the better the outcome. Of course, there is always a cheaper option, but you will get what you invest. Just like investing in something like will increase quality in your work, the more you put into the perfect desk, the more you will get out of it. If you want to change your productivity, comfort, or even the amount of business you are attracting, now may be the best time to switch to a standing desk. By using a standing desk as part of a complete lifestyle, you will be able to obtain the full benefits.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.