What Are The Most Popular Branded Pens Today And Why You Should Start Selling Them

Branded products such as mugs, shirts, or pens are a great marketing tool for businesses, no matter the size. They improve brand recall, build brand loyalty, and help you create a relationship with your customers. You can use them as corporate gifts, event freebies, or employee rewards. You can even sell them to increase brand awareness.

Branded pens, in particular, are effective promotional items because of their quality, functionality, and style. You can choose from sign pens, gel pens, ordinary ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and even limited-edition ones. 

This article enumerates some of the most popular types of branded pen available today, and a few good reasons for you to start selling them.

The Most Popular Branded Pens Today

The most popular branded pens out in the market today include, but aren’t limited, to the following:

  1. Banner Pens

Banner or flag pens refer to those pens that have a retractable banner that you can pull out from the pen itself. The front part of most branded banner pens contains the brand name, while the back has a small calendar.

They’re not just great for office use, you can also use them to advertise your company by printing your logo, your company message, or a promotional campaign on the banner. These kinds of pens are great for you to sell, because customers love them. They put value into these pens, because of the dual purpose that they serve

  1. Roller Pens

Roller pens can help create positive brand image for the following reasons:

  • They glide well on paper, with a thick and vivid line. This is great, especially for people who need to sign or write on documents regularly.
  • They create a cleaner and smoother writing style, without having to exert too much effort on the hands.
  • They have better-looking ink, so they make your work look more alive.

Because of its reasonable price and proven look and quality, these kinds of pens are also a top choice to give out as promotional materials or gifts during big conferences. They’re probably one of the most popular branded merchandise that brands sell, just like travel mugs, caps, or hoodies.

  1. Fountain Pens

When it comes to getting referrals, using a fountain pen is a great way to ensure that you’ll impress your customers. Fountain pens are top-of-the line promotional products, not just because of their elegant and classy look, but also because they offer an ergonomic writing experience. Anyone who has ever used a fountain pen will tell you that this writing instrument makes their handwriting look so much smoother and fancy-looking.

When you give out or sell a branded fountain pen, it makes it much easier for someone to remember you and your business. 

Reasons To Start Selling These Pens

Now that you’re aware of all these most popular types of branded pens, you may want to consider selling them for your business. Branded pens are great for advertising purposes, especially when you trust a reputable company, Steel City Marketing, to produce your pens. 

There are many benefits you can gain from selling branded pens, including the following:

  1. Its Quality Can’t Be Rivaled

Pens are tried-and-tested promotional products. They’ve been around for so many years now, and you can’t go wrong with using them for marketing purposes. Once you start using branded pens, you’ll realize that there’s no going back.

For those who love to write, or have to sign so many documents in a day, getting a pen from a company they trust truly makes a difference. 

  1. It’s A Source Of Pride

Another advantage of choosing to sell pens to market your business is that it’s easy for you to form a loyal following of customers. People tend to become loyal to the brand of pen that they’re happy using. It’s highly unlikely for them to choose another brand, for as long as stores carry their favored brand.

By selling pens, you’re guaranteed that you’ll have a steady stream of loyal customers coming back to purchase one regularly.


It’s safe to say that using the right pen can often be very important, especially in the professional world. Pens are always a symbol of class. When choosing the right type of pen to sell, consider the kind of image you want to project and the needs of your customers. Make sure that you’re working with a provider for these promotional products that you can trust. They should help you come up with personalized designs that can attract more customers and truly represent what your brand is all about.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.