The Best Search Engines in 2022

Major Internet giants such as Google and Amazon have set a high bar for search for users. Therefore, people have become more demanding of the internal website search, they want to get immediate results for their queries. But not many companies that offer services on the Internet provide high-quality and optimized site search. If you are looking for the best search engine to implement it on your website, check out our search engine ranking. This will greatly facilitate your choice.

Today, several site searches have been developed, with the help of which you can successfully develop and expand your online business. However, how to make the right choice and install the system that will be the best suited for your site? To do this, we suggest that you carefully read the search engine ranking presented below.


This is a search engine example, with which you will not have to deal with codes and other elements related to development. To implement a search solution, you do not have to hire staff for system administration and buy special equipment. It is enough just to register, and the Searchify team will configure the necessary requirements.

Advantages of Searchify:

1. Search with a simple API where all updates are available in real time.

2. Convenient geo-search taking into account the geography of users, filtering by distance.

3. A custom sorting algorithm to determine the order of the results.

Searchify is one of the best search engines, which is great for sites with rapidly changing content. Such a search solution takes into account social factors (voice, comments, and ratings) to provide the company’s users with the best relevant search results. That is, potential customers receive more extensive information.


ElasticSearch is a free search server that is included in the search engines list due to its distinctive features. The main advantage is flexible and fast search. It can be used for various solutions: site search, application search, corporate search, logging, application performance monitoring, business analytics and more.

The main advantages of ElasticSearch:

1. A wide range of functions that increase the efficiency of data search and storage.

2. Support for 34 text languages and analyzers for each. 

3. Flexibility of search filters (including fuzzy site search).

4. Versatility (can simultaneously work with different data sources at once). 

5. High performance. With ElasticSearch, you can simultaneously process large amounts of data at once.

Evinent Search

Evinent is the best search engine for websites, which develops unique intelligent algorithms for a specific e-commerce store. Thanks to artificial intelligence, after implementing a search solution, site visitors can search for products by various categories, color, and product type. In addition, the developers have implemented various functions: voice site search, search by synonyms, morphology, transliteration and more.

Evinent Search got into the search engine ranking due to the following advantages:

1. Suitable for any industry and capable of handling traffic of up to 100 million users.

2. Works in different languages.

3. Allows you to customize the results for specific search queries.

4. Shows a list of popular products that users are most often looking for.

5. Provides clear search query analytics to analyze popular search results.

6. Allows you to determine the specific customer demand for certain products.

Evinent integrates seamlessly with various platforms in the e-commerce world and does not require infrastructure changes. 


Site search by Algolia allows you to optimize and personalize the search experience of customers on the site. The company provides a reliable infrastructure and a high-performance API, thanks to which the search engine supports various devices and platforms, and scales to different tasks.

Algolia is included in the search engine ranking due to its wide functionality:

1. A wide selection of criteria for configuring search ranking. Among them: attribution, typos, filters, geolocation.

2. Customize search results for certain people’s queries. 

3. Dynamic search while writing text in the search bar.

4. Search personalization. 

5. Instant A/B testing to increase site search conversion.

6. A convenient API that simplifies the configuration of the search for the specifics of the business.


Swiftype is also one of the best search engines that provide valuable tools for powerful site search or in-app. You can implement such a search solution in a few minutes, without writing code and involving programmers.

Features of Swiftype:

1. Supports up-to-date search metrics.

2. Provides detailed analytics in real time.

3. Allows you to organize the results of site search to improve ranking.

4. Works with mobile browsers.


Tagalys got into the search engines list because it is a search with instant results. The service provides analytics so that business owners can constantly improve the sorting of goods and satisfy the wishes of potential customers. 

As for the capabilities of site search Tagalys, we highlight the following:

1. The function of autocomplete popular offers.

2. Two-sided and one-sided synonyms. 

3. Detailed reports on search usage: conversion rate, clickability, results, and more. 

4. Spell check. 

5. Search results refinements.

6. Recommendations in the absence of results that users expect.

This is the best search engine, which allows you to predict the ratio of sales for different products. Business owners have the opportunity to sell the right product at the right time, to help customers find the goods they need.


Expertrec is a custom search solution for websites, which was included in the search engine ranking due to simple configuration and quick output of results. On such a platform, you can create a custom search: change the color, size of the search bar and fonts, style, fill format and alignment. This site search supports over 30 languages, is suitable for different devices and integrates with the main CMS platforms.

The main advantages of Expertrec:

1. Indexes various file formats through which customers can search for products on the site.

2. Loads search results in milliseconds. 

3. Never shows ads.

4. It is configured in 5 minutes.

5. Has a voice search function.

6. Works with various operating systems.


This search solution appeared in search engine ranking because it combines the capabilities of merchandising, search and personalization. In fact, AddSearch is a full-featured platform that allows you to get fast results. This search is scalable, so it is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations. 

AddSearch allows you to:

  • Attract more traffic through intelligent search, filters, and the ability to set your own criteria for users.
  • Monitor search results, increase the rating of specific pages. 
  • Analyze the search, compare user intentions.

This platform for site search is designed taking into account the needs of users, so it is very easy to use, but at the same time quite powerful.


This is another one of the best search engines, which is a universal software for retailers in the field of e-commerce. The platform is quite powerful, includes solutions for navigation, search, and merchandising. With such a tool, you can easily optimize online search, increase sales conversions and reduce bounce rates.

What are the features of FACT-Finder:

1. Guarantees a personalized customer service experience, because it allows you to determine their interests and preferences. 

2. Uses a word matching algorithm to provide the most accurate results based on customer requests.

3. It has artificial intelligence technology, thanks to which it quickly responds to navigation data, responses and search.

FACT-Finder is a universal solution with which you can provide personalized service. This means it is easy to meet the needs of modern customers.

We have presented search engines examples that are in demand in the field of e-commerce. Which one to choose depends on the needs of your business? You can independently evaluate the functions of each and try the demo version (many platforms provide this opportunity). Only after that can you confidently make your choice in favor of a suitable program and use it for the benefit of your online business.

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