The Best IT Outsourcing Company in Ukraine

Ukraine is a very popular country for IT outsourcing due to its low cost of living, highly skilled workforce, and the large number of English-speaking people. It has a large pool of high-skilled software developers, an excellent legal system, and affordable pricing. Ukraine is also one of the largest European countries and a country with rich history and culture. It’s a place where you can find both Europe and Asia.

The Ukrainian IT industry is one of the most advanced in Eastern Europe. The country has a strong reputation for higher education and for developing high-level mathematics, technical, and engineering talent.

The pool of IT specialists in Ukraine is growing annually by more than 10,000 people, which makes the country one of the largest suppliers of software engineers in Europe. Many foreign companies are looking to Ukraine to hire an offshore software development team and/or open their own R&D centers there.

What To Look For In An IT Company?

When you are looking for an IT solution provider, you are probably looking for the best place to outsource your software development. And you have found it.

If you want to find out why Ukraine is the perfect spot for setting up a software company, read on.

1. Technically Skilled Workforce

Ukraine produces more than 40,000 new specialists every year thanks to its high-quality technical education system.

In addition, the country has one of the highest proportions of engineering and science graduates in Europe. The majority of Ukrainians speak English and many work in Germany, Singapore, or Poland from time to time. You can always find an employee who has worked abroad with a global mindset and international experience.

2. Efficiency

Ukrainian companies are well known for their efficiency in software development projects — especially compared with India or China. New technologies and processes such as Agile make it easy to achieve results in short cycles of two or three weeks instead of months or even years like other countries do.

3. Low Costs

The cost level is much lower than in Western countries — approximately 30% lower than in Germany, France, or the UK and 50% lower than in the United States. Moreover, Ukraine has no salary increases every year as people are keen to work on challenging

Reasons why you should choose a Ukrainian IT company 

As you may know, Ukraine is one of the countries which has a developed IT industry. There are many skilled specialists here and they have a strong desire to learn new things. Moreover, the IT industry grows very quickly in Ukraine hence there are many new companies created every year. One of them is IT Consulting:

The main reason why you should choose a Ukrainian development company to work with is that it will help you save your money. For example, if you want to create a simple website or mobile application then it can be done by using free software tools such as WordPress or GitHub. You don’t need any special skills in order to use these services because they are quite easy to use even for beginners. You just need time and patience! If you want something more complicated then there are plenty of paid services available on the market which offer great features at reasonable prices such as hosting servers with unlimited bandwidth and storage space or domain names registration for up to 10 years (instead of 5 years). A rapidly growing IT company in Ukraine is a rapidly growing IT company with offices in Ukraine. specializes in custom software development and we have successfully launched products for Google, Amazon, eBay, Samsung, and many other global IT giants. Our clients mostly belong to the following industries: eCommerce, IoT (Internet of Things), SaaS (Software as a Service), and other emerging industries.

Codify is the best IT company in Ukraine that believes in the power of technology to make the world a better place. We help businesses across the globe by helping them shape their ideas and turn them into innovative solutions.

Their clients are businesses in Europe, USA, and Australia. They belong to different industries — from media and entertainment to logistics and e-commerce. They also have a successful track record of building our own products and launching startups.

Why is a full IT consultancy. The company is able to take on any project that you may have, large or small. They do anything from website creation, graphic design, and video production all the way up to custom software development, infrastructure design and implementation, and just about everything in between.

They can help you with your project from conception all the way through to completion. It can also help you improve existing systems, clean up messes made by others, or even fill in while you search for a permanent staff member to fill an open position.

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