The Best Amazon Marketing Tools and Services in 2020

When it comes to marketing your products on Amazon, you have to manage different aspects. Managing everything on your own can become quite arduous and you might end up confusing a lot of things. This is where Amazon marketing tools help in making your marketing strategies efficient and valuable. In this article, we will highlight some of the best Amazon marketing tools that might prove helpful to you in 2020: 

  • SellerMotor 

SellerMotor is your ultimate guide to streamline your entire PPC campaign and derive optimum benefits. Its SmartPPC tool allows you to completely automate your marketing campaign merely by adding your budget and goal. You don’t have to add any more detail, this PPC automation tool automatically fetches the relevant details. Furthermore, the tool also collects, assesses, and comprehends the data derived from previous ad campaigns in order to customize and optimize the structure of your campaign in order to generate improved ROIs. 

With SellerMotor, you don’t have to worry about manually searching for keywords. Instead, the tool will automatically add relevant and useful keywords. It also removes the keywords that are not performing well, thereby saving your advertising costs.  Rather than sticking to the traditional rule-based bidding, the smart algorithm of this tool automatically adjusts and optimizes the bids to optimize profitability. 

  • Scope

The scope is a tool by Sellics and is a great Amazon PPC management tools. It allows sellers to assess, optimize, and monitor the performance of various Amazon ads through user-friendly and valuable graphs that are easy to comprehend. Some of the important features of this tool include the ability to pause non-performing keywords in ad campaigns, the ability to include search terms, automated keyword modifications, etc. The graph and tracker will provide vital information of users that will help in making informed decisions. The scope allows you to seamlessly discover tons of relevant keywords and optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns and SEO. The Basic price of this tool starts at USD 67 per month. 

  • Seller App

Seller App is specifically designed to manage your Amazon marketing campaigns. It is an advanced PPC tool that is integrated with customized optimization strategies to renders increased sales and profitability. The tool takes data from your Seller Central account, so you don’t have export various reports or manage tables. Moreover, there is a feature to sort and filter data in order to align them based on your requirements. This is also helpful to accurately take care of bookkeeping for Amazon FBA.

SellerApp’s algorithms inform you of the negative keywords that could impact the quality and efficiency of your ad campaigns. This way you can timely eliminate the invaluable keywords, reduce the costs spend on ads, and increase profitability. The basic plan of the tools starts at USD 199 and you also get a free trial of 7-days. 

  • Adbadger

Adbadger is a popular tool that is dedicated to optimize your PPC campaign and help in generating more sales. You can have the tool’s scanner examine through your search terms and label invaluable terms or phrases as negative keywords. This way you can manage your ACoS, reduce ad spend, and optimize profits. This tool helps you in making the right bid for a particular search term. Ad Badger allows you to completely automate tedious manual tasks, allowing you to concentrate on core business operations. The tool also provides you with a free trial of 30-days and the basic pricing plan starts at USD 107 per month. 

  • Ignite 

Ignite by Sellerlabs is a productive tool that helps you place an intelligent bid and optimize the profitability of your Amazon marketing campaigns. The tool allows manage Sponsored product ads and sponsored brand ads simultaneously. Furthermore, it also lets you schedule ads that time that is most profitable to you, so you don’t have to waste your money during non-peak hours. 

You can automate the tool with personalized suggest in order to bet the maximum return on your investments. Ignite also research and suggest keywords for both your Sponsored products and brands. This is a popular advertising tool because it has the ability to efficiently manage bulk campaign optimization. The basic price plan for this campaign starts at USD 49 per months where sellers can optimize five campaigns. 

  • Teikametrics

Teikametrics is an excellent Amazon marketing tool that facilitates growth and increases profits. This tool combines data science, next-gen automation, and Amazon expertise to optimize your Amazon marketing campaign. It provides bidding optimization that is backed by machine learning, thereby improving its efficiency and profitability.

With Teikametrics you do not have to invest in the tedious task of researching keywords. The keyword automation function of the tool allows you to generate an extensive list of high-performing keywords that can boost visibility and sales. Through the proper implementation of this tool, sellers can accomplish their targeted ACoS. The basic plan of Teikametrics starts at USD 150 per month and there is also a 30-day free trial. 

  • Cashcow Pro 

Cashcow Pro is an advertisement management tool that allows you to check your products’ SKU and make necessary modifications based on their performances. It is capable of tracking 100 keywords per product. Moreover, you can also monitor your product ranking across all the prominent search terms. 

Based on your niche, product, and sales objective, CashcowPro provides you keywords suggestions that might be profitable for you. The email automation feature of this tool enables you to send customized emails to the customers and encourage them to leave a review after the purchase of the product. This helps in increasing organic and positive reviews, strengthening your marketing efforts.  The basic price of this tool starts at USD 99.70 per month. 

Final Thoughts

Harnessing the benefits of Amazon marketing tools allow sellers to eliminate manual work and make their marketing campaign more efficient and profitable. Above are some of the top Amazon marketing tools that you should invest in the coming year to get ahead of your competition. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.