Can I get high-speed internet without cable?

Almost every one of us has been wary of the ever-increasing Cable TV bills at one point or the other. The cable TV monopoly is real and customers have to bear the brunt of this monopoly. They end up paying increased prices. Therefore, more and more people are switching to other avenues of entertainment such as streaming. Secondly, many cable companies offer bundles that are sometimes irrelevant. Not all of us watch cable TVs and most of us use it for watching sports and games. But the issue is solved as more and more streaming services are giving us sports content at an affordable monthly charge. 

Having worked in the customer service and sales of internet and cable TV myself, many customers ask whether they can get high-speed internet without cable? There are a handful of providers giving standalone services such as Mediacom internet. In today’s article, we will discuss all the avenues to get high-speed internet without cable TV:

How to get high-speed internet without cable TV?

With the cord-cutting movement in the works, it is easier to get high-speed internet without cable TV. There are different ways to access the internet and you don’t have to opt for cable TV or digital phone in return: 


The satellite internet is massively underrated. In the areas where coaxial cables or fiber optics cannot reach, satellite does a very good job in providing internet connectivity. The connection works through a small satellite installed on your rooftop facing the southern sky. It is immensely popular in remote areas. However, there are many downsides to it. The weather conditions might interrupt the connectivity resulting in a faulty connection. Secondly, it works just fine for web browsing, streaming, downloading, and basic tasks but activities like online gaming tend to suffer. That is because Online games require a quick and rapid response from the gaming server. 

Fixed Wireless 

Many internet providers are offering fixed wireless internet for residential customers without the need to subscribe to a digital phone or TV service. If a satellite service seems inconvenient and expensive for you, you can get a fixed wireless service. It is ideal for customers living in suburban regions. For example, AT&T has a fixed wireless internet connection. It is similar to satellite and uses relevant equipment to pick the signal and connect your devices. However, there is one advantage. The wireless signals reach you through radio signals from any local cell tower. These radio signals are unaffected by storms or poor weather conditions. Therefore, the weather is less likely to interrupt the performance of a fixed wireless internet connection. 

Fiber Optics 

If we were to name an internet connection that would go hands-on hands with 5G, it would be fiber internet. It is ideal for customers working from home and requiring fast, reliable internet. Fiber internet is the fastest and the safest internet connection available in the world right now. 

Cable internet uses a network of coaxial cables but fiber internet is a more advanced technology. It manages to transmit data with the help of tiny, transparent, glass wires. The signal travels in the form of light. In return, you get blazing-fast internet speeds for 4K streaming and online gaming. However, there is one downside to fiber. The installation of fiber optics requires a massive infrastructure cost. Hence, it is a bit expensive right now. Secondly, it is only accessible in some areas. 

Cellular Internet 

Cellular internet is another great way to get high-speed internet for your home devices. Right now, 4G is easily accessible in the United States. 5G is not widely launched. It is being tested in some of the areas. 5G is the fastest internet technology and delivers 100 times faster speeds than 4G. Just like Fiber, 5G also requires a massive infrastructure cost. Therefore, we will have to wait until it is widely available. The only problem with cellular internet is the fixed data cap. In most cases if you are having trouble a good network edge router can help a lot.  Almost all cellular providers sign you up for a limited data plan. Therefore, you cannot do much and chances are that you run out of data quickly. 

Final Verdict 

Get rid of the cable TV and get a standalone internet with either fiber, fixed wireless, or 5G depending upon the availability. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.