Team Building Activities and Ideas for Remote Employees

It is critical to have team building activities for remote employees to prevent burnout, improve relationships, and boost staff morale. Employers can arrange a get-together and award the winner with present that entice all team members to participate. Some reward ideas include company-sponsored cheap flights for holidays, sleek work chair, among others.

Check out these virtual activities below to try it on your remote-working team.

One Truth and One Lie

Ask each member to list a truth and a lie about themselves and see if the rest of the team can figure out which is which! You can incorporate some office trivia into this round for some good-natured reminiscence. This is a fun round that can be played with any team size.

Sing Your Heart Out In Karaoke

Karaoke can help the team unwind on a Friday night because singing your heart out can never go wrong. These sessions are simple to organize and allow everyone to express themselves freely.

Request that participants choose a song and use karaoke backing track for it. During the session, only the singer will have their mike on while the others listen to the music — or they can all sing along.

Scavenger Hunt

As directed by the presenter, participants may split out and look for items in their own houses. The items discovered can be displayed in the Zoom chat for points. For example, one round could consist of finding as many random objects as possible (such as home plants, a wedding photo, marshmallows, Legos, or puzzle pieces) and random items can be given extra points!

Virtual Debate Club

Your team could make a virtual debate club with fun topics. Give every team around 10 minutes to explain their stances on the chosen topic. This activity will grant everyone to apply clear communication strategies and identifying logical fallacies for the other team. 

Remember to choose insignificant themes because the aim of this exercise is to get away from work, so avoid issues that are too serious. For example, a discussion topic could be whether or not cookies with raisins should exist.

Here are some good debate club topics:

  1. Could you make a cookie larger than Earth?
  2. What is the best movie ever?
  3. Oceans or forests?
  4. Which way should the toilet paper go?
  5. Who makes the best pizza?
  6. Does Australia exist?
  7. Aunts or ants?
  8. What is the best way to cook eggs?
  9. Is a hot dog a sandwich?
  10. Should humans time travel?

As your Debate Club grows, invite more team members to join or even invite family members of employees to join in the fun. The experience will help develop important communication skills and relationships.

Employee Virtual Wellness Sessions

The remote employees wellness session comprises of a variety of health and wellness-related activities. Typically, the session begins with an icebreaker, followed by a guide presenting their thoughts on the topic and giving some tasks.

A mindfulness session, for example, could begin with a 5-minute guided meditation session. The expert will explain the notion of mindfulness, its advantages, and how you might practice it as the session begins. The expert will also reveal a few strategies, such as how to use belly breathing to control anxiety during meetings or interviews.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.