Six Reasons to Choose Window Shutters Over Blinds

Technically speaking, window shutters and window blinds can both serve the same basic purpose. They can be used to cover your windows and can be open and closed on demand.

But when it comes to making genuine improvements to the comfort and appeal of your home, premium-quality shutters are unbeatable. Even when compared to blinds of a similar quality standard, shutters bring a long list of benefits into play.

Just a few examples of which include the following:

  1. More Precise Adjustments

With most types of window blinds, there is fairly limited scope when it comes to adjustments. This is particularly true for roller blinds, Roman blinds and similar products, which can simply be open or closed.  With plantation shutters, the slats in the panels can be adjusted with pinpoint precision. This makes it much easier to take total control over illumination, ventilation and privacy. Plantation shutters can therefore be ideal for homes that look out onto public streets, or where exterior light sources can prove problematic.

  • Enhanced Home Security

Window shutters are unique in their capacity to make a significant contribution to home security. Anything that serves as a physical barrier between your home and potential intruders represents an effective deterrent. This is particularly true with window shutters that feature inbuilt locking mechanisms, making it even more difficult to gain unauthorised entry. All other window coverings (including blinds) offer no such protection, as they do not establish a physical barrier of any kind.

  • Reduction in Noise Pollution

Research has shown how precision-fitted plantation shutters have the potential to significantly reduce external noise. From passers-by to traffic to noisy neighbours and so on, plantation shutters can bring welcome relief from noise that may become a nuisance. Different materials have different properties where noise reduction is concerned, but window shutters in general get the job done better than any other comparable window covering.

  • Better Thermal Efficiency

Now more than ever, anything that can contribute to reduced energy consumption at home can only be a good thing. High-quality plantation shutters manufactured from solid wood have been found to reduce heat loss by as much as 60%. No conventional window covering (including blinds) comes close to the thermal efficiency of window shutters. Plantation shutters can make it much easier to keep the home warm and comfortable in winter, while blocking direct sun and excess heat in the summer.

  • Enhanced Lighting Control

Furthering the point covered in the first entry, plantation shutters can be great for creating dark and cosy interiors. With the exception of specialist blackout blinds, nothing is more effective in blocking out natural light. This can be great for households with babies and young children, or anyone who works night shifts. Sleeping during hours of daylight can be made much easier, with the right combination of window coverings.

  • Health and Safety

Plantation shutters come widely recommended as a safer option than blinds. This is due to the fact that plantation shutters fit flush with the window itself, with no potentially hazardous cords or cables. Window blinds with cables and cords are responsible for a great many accidents and injuries each year, where babies, toddlers and pets are concerned. With window shutters, there is absolutely nothing for kids or pets to get tangled up in, making them a safer choice.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss the potential benefits of window shutters in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside today.

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