Is it a Good Idea to buy SoundCloud Followers?

SoundCloud launched in 2008 and became the latest addition to an already burgeoning collection of social media platforms. However, this one promised to help amateur musicians to build awareness of their work, and perhaps even get signed.

Growth was rapid, and by 2015 there were 150 million users on SoundCloud. But, there was no successful way for artists to earn from their creations. Things have now stabilized, and SoundCloud has 76 million registered users as of 2022, generating $218 million in 2020.

There is far more content on SoundCloud than on rivals such as Spotify, and this attracts large numbers of visitors each month. It is these visitors that musicians on SoundCloud hope will start following them. If you are struggling to grow your followers, is it possible to buy some instead?

What is SoundCloud used for?

While Spotify and other music streaming platforms have aimed to deliver mainstream music, SoundCloud wanted to offer a way for independent creators to showcase their work.

There are an estimated 300 million tracks on SoundCloud compared to 70 million on Spotify. The continual creation of new music uploaded to the site is what attracts many followers to new artists.

Gaining SoundCloud followers can help with recognition, and increase revenue. Therefore, it is vital for any artist on this platform to expand their audience.

What is the importance of gaining followers on SoundCloud?

To become verified on SoundCloud you need at least 2 uploads, and 25 followers before you can apply. Then there is the profile monetization service which requires a minimum of 1,000 followers.

Having a small number of followers will limit your chances of making any revenue from SoundCloud, and it may stop others from following you.

There are many effective strategies for growing a brand through social media, and audience engagement is one of them. If you haven’t got an audience to interact with though, what can you do?

Can you buy SoundCloud followers?

One option that many artists on SoundCloud have used is to buy followers. It is cheap to do so, and you could get 1,000 extra followers for as little as $5.

There are hundreds of people offering to provide thousands of plays of your music for a few bucks. But, should you engage with these offers, and what are the advantages and perils of doing so?

Should you buy SoundCloud followers?

Some hobbies can make money, and music has the potential to do so. You can promote your music on SoundCloud, and make money from creating content, and from plays.

For 1,000 streams of one of your tracks, you would receive between $2.50 and $4. This, therefore, can make paying for streams a cost-effective strategy. You may not make a profit but you will look more popular, and perhaps entice genuine followers to start streaming your music.

Adding followers can have a similar knock-on effect. You will look like you have a large audience, and this can attract and interest others.

If the service you are using gains you quality followers, then you could receive the following benefits.

  • Increased streams and sales
  • Wider reach
  • Faster growing audience
  • Cost-effective investment

How useful it is to buy followers will depend on the type of service you use.

What are the problems with buying followers this way?

Different types of SoundCloud followers can be bought. A professional, quality growth service will reach out to users that may be interested in your music. They will promote, and engage with users in the hope that they will follow you.

The other type of followers that can be bought are bots. These are essentially useless as far as increasing revenue is concerned, but they will boost your follower figures. But, there may be some risks with using fake accounts.

Are there risks with buying followers on SoundCloud?

Buying SoundCloud plays can help an artist to get attention and even go viral. But, if those plays are from bots it can result in a ban.

Fake accounts and bots are easy to spot as they will usually have a generic name involving numbers such as AVT19804, and they are unlikely to have a profile photo.

Even mainstream artists have thousands of fake followers, but if your account is largely based on bots it won’t help your reputation at all. The best way to develop an audience is to do so organically. Look for other artists and engage with them.

Social networking platforms have a major problem now with fake accounts and bots, and it’s not new. Back in 2018, Twitter banned 70 million accounts in just 2 months.


Can you buy followers? Yes. Should you buy them? Could depend on what your goals are, and what type of followers you buy.

A quality growth service could help you to widen your reach, and grow awareness of your music. You could increase plays and revenue. However, the use of bots could harm your reputation and even see you banned.


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