Singapore Shelf Companies for Sale

Singapore has long been a fantastic location for conducting business in Asia. One of the many chances available in the financial district is to start your dream company. A shelf company for sale Singapore has the benefit of being already incorporated. This helps you save a ton of time because you’re almost ready to start.

Why Singapore?

The Republic of Singapore’s key benefits are its friendly business environment and attractive tax climate. These advantages have made this nation a desirable location for business travelers. If you too wish to purchase a shelf company in Singapore, you have two options: either start a business “from scratch” or purchase a shelf company that is already there.

It’s true that the registration process takes somewhat longer than in some places. However, this is because there may be issues with other subtleties of the process. For instance, businesspeople must compile documents and apply for licenses and permissions without being turned down by regulatory authorities.

However, a business owner can skip practically all these processes by choosing to purchase an existing Singapore shelf company. This can significantly speed up the procedure, saving time and effort that can be used to start running a business as soon as you buy a Singapore shelf company.

Foreign-Owned – No Problem

The nation’s laws permit the government to support many kinds of businesses. It is offered as help for a variety of business endeavors, from modest start-ups to huge global corporations.

There are no limitations on foreigners opening and operating businesses in the Republic of Singapore. The management team is the only criterion that businessmen need to be aware of. Particularly, Singapore shelf firms require that the secretary and at least one other director reside in the Republic. However, they are not required to be citizens of the nation.

What kinds of shelf businesses are available for purchase in Singapore?

Businesspeople in Singapore have access to a wide range of corporate and legal forms. Entrepreneurs frequently decide on a Private Limited Company to register and acquire Singapore ready-made shelf companies. These companies have the following traits:

  • Authorized Capital: 1 SGD. Legislative bodies do not specify the precise sum.
  • Both common stock and preferred stock are offered without nominal value.
  • A shareholder may also serve as a director.
  • A Singaporean-registered address is necessary.
  • Annual financial statements must be kept up to date and filed.
  • The number of shareholders and firm turnover determine whether an audit is necessary.
  • It is required to schedule a shareholder meeting once a year. There are no prerequisites for where it should be.

What you should know when looking for Singapore shelf companies for sale.

You can open a corporate account in any bank for a Singapore shelf company after purchasing it. This is true whether it is located in Singapore or elsewhere. Opening an account works in much the same way as it does in many European banks.

In fact, you must open the account with a minimal deposit, present a business plan and other supporting documents, and demonstrate the reliability of the funding source. After that, the Singapore shelf company you purchased can begin operations whenever you like.

The favorable circumstances for purchasing shelf businesses in Singapore make it a good option for anyone looking to expand in this area.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.