Simplify Your SEO Using These 5 Steps

SEO and other related digital marketing strategies are always changing. Agencies and businesses are always on their toes, trying to get ahead when a new technique or hack guarantees the best ranking or results. Not only is it constantly changing, but there are also plenty of parameters to consider. From finding the right keywords, getting more links, to fixing webpage speeds, all these are in the long list of things to do to meet your expected ROI.

Although most companies today hire a link agency such as Ocere to lessen the load, your involvement in the process is still critical. And if you want to make sure that the SEO campaign launched for your company meets all your business goals, here is a list of five steps that simplify the process.

Setting goals that align with your business

Most agencies will recommend strategies that guarantee the highest impact but may not be suitable for your business’s needs. Clear-cut goals that align with your business needs and capabilities will ensure that you maximise resources and focus on the most essential tasks. Goals should be specific and driven by numbers. There should also be room for adjustments along the way.

Content marketing drives better SEO

Many people think that SEO is only focused on rankings. On the contrary, SEO today gives prime importance to producing high-quality and engaging content. In order to generate leads and convert them into actual sales, users should find your content useful. Yes, keyword optimisation is still a critical aspect that drives traffic to your site, but good content is what promotes your brand and gives the user more information about your business.

Prioritise keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most time-consuming aspects of SEO. Marketing experts typically use different tools for efficiency. But if there’s one tool that should always be in your arsenal, it’s Google. Since Google is the biggest search engine, it makes sense to conduct keyword research based on what works with Google. Now, the trend is making sure that content is actually helpful for users and not merely relevant to the search. The objective here is to consider the user’s intent when searching, which results in a better experience.

Maximise backlinks by mentioning influencers

Using backlinks is a vital part of achieving organic search results. If you use plenty of quality backlinks, you’ll likely rank higher on Google. And to do that, you need links to authority websites – which is where influencers come in.

Get rid of issues by speeding up your website

Website speed is another factor that impacts the success of SEO. Of course, a slow site will detract visitors. And all the hard work you’ve put into your SEO will be for nothing if visitors leave because of slow loading time.

In conclusion, SEO is indeed fast-changing and dynamic. But, by simplifying your strategies and working hand in hand with your marketing agency, you’ll be able to come up with a simplified campaign that meets your needs and guarantees that you achieve your business goals.

Brad Richman