Seven Side Hustles for Crypto Traders

There are a lot of side hustles that cryptocurrency traders are getting into. Many of them bring in a nice income while not taking up too much time, thus allowing you to keep on working at your regular job. We provide some suggestions of side hustles that you may want to look into and see if your experience fits the requirements.

Becoming an Influencer/Thought Leader

Choose a sub-niche that you are knowledgeable about and will enjoy creating content for. Convert your existing account into a business profile or start a new account. You should do this for a few platforms. A photogenic picture is needed so that people will come to recognize and associate it with your brand.

You cannot be an influencer without a huge following of enthusiastic fans. This hustle requires you to post regular influential content and demonstrate that you know your audience well – perform an analysis of the demographics of your social media followers. By sticking to regular posting, the platform will give preference to your posts. It also helps if your followers post your content on their pages. Remember to respond to and like all comments and queries.

Once you get this far, you can announce your intent to partner in brand collaborations on your bio with contact details. You can also work with agencies marketing blockchain.

Become a Cryptocurrency Financial Advisor

Get yourself hired out as a financial advisor to those traders who are just starting with crypto. If you have the vast experience needed, beginners will value your guidance and be willing to pay for it. You will need to satisfy potential clients that you are legit, either by having suitable qualifications in the finance field or by virtue of your expertise. And you can even do it as you are involved in an extra job, like travel nursing in another country.

Build dApps

dApp (decentralized app)software developers are in demand due to the growing popularity that web3 is enjoying. Instead of operating from a solitary PC, dApps rely on networking blockchain with multiple computers. If this is your niche, go for it. You can earn a nice income.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is a trading strategy. You stick to your trading position over some time in the hopes of making a modest profit (five to ten percent) frequently as opposed to several large ones. This comes with smaller, more regular losses (three to four percent). Read more to help you get started and understand the intricacies of this strategy.

Affiliate Programs

You are no doubt with affiliate programs outside of crypto and this is no different. Gather your audience and market crypto products. If this leads to a sale, you get paid.


Get into games like Decentraland. Create an avatar and buy land. Have your real estate project recognized as an NFT.

Online Surveys

This won’t make you rich, but it will supplement your current income. Businesses are always putting out surveys to gather information. Many of these firms will pay with crypto.

This is just a starting point and there are many more side hustles for crypto traders if you didn’t find the right one for you yet.


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