Outstanding Influencer Marketing Agencies In London

Influencer marketing agencies are the kind of agency you need when you’re looking to reach larger audiences effectively and through a positive form of media.

Continue reading this article to find out more about the wonders of what influencer marketing agencies can do for you, your company, or the brand you’re trying to promote. It’s definitely something worth looking into if you’re also struggling to build an audience or successful platform on your own.

How Much Does It Cost For An Influencer Marketing Agency In London?

No matter the type of service you request from someone, an influencer marketing agency in London, like Nerds Collective, or any type of agency- marketing or not, prices are always going to vary for a variety of different reasons. 

From the type of service or product you want to promote, and how you’re wanting to promote it, ultimately changes depending on your decision and how you want to go about it. On a basis for basic advertisement, like video media, the general cost can be from £500 to £50,000 a month to be able to hire an influencer marketing agency.

This can also change depending on the type of agreement both you and the agency has, sometimes influencer marketing agencies prefer you to pay per post, which can range from £100 to 1 million, while others charge per month or annually. 

What Skills Do Influencer Marketing Agencies In London Need?

There are some common but necessary skills needed to be successfully influential and effective for influencer marketing agencies in London. It’s how they’re able to get their advertisements out there and generate sales while helping the client succeed.

  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking: Being able to think and solve issues with little time or as fast as possible is an ideal trait that influencer marketing agencies in London need to have mastered. You’re going to be put on the spot a lot and need to come up with solutions to any arising problems or issues.
  • Communication: Communicating with clients, influencers, and your team is ideal with influencer marketing agencies. You have to be sure everyone knows what they’re doing, what their job is, that they’re on task, and able to communicate what the client’s needs are to the company’s dedicated role employees.
  • Assertiveness: Being able to say no when things are getting too much or when a client is asking for way more than expected of the company is important for both the reputation and productivity of your company and its employees.
  • IT Skills: Using a computer and having technical skills when you are an agent in an influencer marketing agency in London is extremely important, or you can say goodbye to it being anything online related or on a digital type of platform. 
  • Connections: When influencer marketing agencies have connections to other companies and a variety of influencers, you’re able to market and reach higher standards compared to smaller lesser known agencies. 

There are so many different factors, key skills, and roles that come with an effective influencer marketing agency in London, like Nerds Collective, and making sure you end up with the right one is important for your campaign’s success.

What Are The Different Types Of Influencers In Marketing Agencies In London?

Believe it or not but there are a lot of different influencers that are involved with influencer marketing agencies. This can range from the influencer counts that they have, to the types of content they produce, to the location where they’re filming or creating for campaigns.

When it comes to follower counts and popularity, there are different terms depending on the number of followers, views, or fan base that they have. Nano influencers range from 1k-10k, micro-influencers 10k-100k, macro influencers 100k-1M, and celebrity influencers with 1M+ followers.

You’ve then got the side of whether it’s a video advertisement, photo or pictures, and/or art-related advertisement. Influencers have different ways of expressing themselves and can have different mediums for doing so. Some prefer going through a video media side with humor or an underlining message to a story, while other influencers like to create comic panels or artworks related to the campaign, message, or product you’re trying to promote.

Depending on the type of campaign you’re going for, and what your promoting, can change how the influencers will take and incorporate it into their own works, while still being effective and building traction with their audience.

Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing agencies are successful kind of agency that is dedicated to helping companies, brands, or products reach their full potential in the advertising side of things.

There are a couple of needed skills to complete tasks and conditions as an influencer marketer in an agency from London, and these often require teamwork, the ability to adapt, and strong communication skills.


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