Mondaine – Swiss Watch Review

Mondaine was founded in 1951 and first created clocks for railroad stations. In order to create digital watches with LCD screens, the founder later moved into the field of watchmaking. But the red second hand with the white dial and black dashes for the numbers on the Mido watch quickly gained popularity.

The second hand’s two-second delay is a distinctive feature of Mondaine timepieces. The timepiece employs an electric motor and, as stated on their website, performed one full round in 58 seconds, pausing for two seconds at 12 o’clock to catch up with the minute hand. There are now black dial Mondaine watches with a selection of leather or stainless steel bracelet straps. All watches have a red second hand.

The History of Mondaine Watches

Erwin Benheim, a former tailor, founded the Swiss company of Mondaine in 1951. The company was well-known during this time for selling high-quality watches that were also inexpensive to repair.

Mondaine by Bernheim was a huge hit. He was personally involved in the company’s watchmaking process. Along with collaborator Howard Hughes, he created and constructed the first LCD watch, which was among the first few timepieces with a digital reading. But after 15 years, they chose to focus on other designs and technology because of such a large demand. What followed was a creation that made Mondaine famous.

The Official Swiss Railways Watch by Mondaine

The brand’s impact on Swiss railroad clocks is among the things Mondaine is most known for. Hans Hilfiker, a Swiss engineer, and designer, came up with the first concept for this in 1944.

The clock that has come to be recognized as the Official Swiss Railways Clock was created by Hilfiker, a Federal Swiss Railways employee. The goal of this design is to synchronize the departure times of all trains that are entering and exiting the main station.

The Mondaine 40cm Wall Clock has a White Dial, a Silver-Tone Case, and is Dust Resistant (Image: Amazon)

According to Mondaine’s website, the clock is controlled by an electric motor, enabling it to complete a rotation in 58.5 seconds. The red hand would then move forward to catch up with the minute hand again after pausing for 1.5 seconds, keeping it in time with the signal box’s master clock.

The brand drew inspiration from industrial watchmaking with the aid of Erwin Bernheim’s sons, André and Ronnie. They made watches that delivered on design and functionality to stand out from the crowd. Afterward, they discovered an opening in the Swiss Railway clock. They produced the first collection of station clock wristwatches after obtaining the relevant licenses and being inspired by its originality.

With formal permission from the Federal Swiss Railways, Mondaine created a watch collection in 1986 using the design’s blueprint. All Mondaine timepieces include the recognizable red hand. 

Are Mondaine Timepieces of High Quality?

Although they could be considered “everyman” watches, Mondaine timepieces are neither inexpensive nor luxurious. This Swiss watch brand has a price range of $175 to $850, so it is still a good financial investment.

Most people look for the most crucial qualities in a watch are accuracy, legibility, and style, all of which are present in Mondaine watches. It ultimately comes down to your particular preferences and financial situation. However, if you’re looking for a brand with a long history and is consistently lauded for its accuracy, this one is worth looking into.

Although these are much less expensive than Rolexes or Omegas, watch lovers and connoisseurs have given them favorable reviews. They are one of the more reasonably priced Swiss-made entry-level brands.

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