SEO Tips That You Shouldn’t Overlook In 2020

The importance of SEO for a business’ success cannot be understated. Business owners, managers and marketers constantly strive to reap the benefits search engine optimisation Adelaide offers. Yet, there are a few SEO tactics they often overlook. These tips can give an excellent boost to any marketing campaign. 


We have compiled them into a list as a quick reference tool for marketers in 2020.


This article is divided into two sections – content tips and crawling tips. Make sure you pay attention to every point.


Content Tips


Breathe fresh life in your website’s content.


Tip 1 – Refresh Old Content


If you are planning to revamp your website you may consider starting everything from scratch, but top marketers suggest otherwise. They say it is wise to use existing features when revamping. This also stands true in terms of content. 


Instead of writing content from square one, you should make use of existing blogs, articles and web content on the site. Refreshing old content is a quick way to climb the ladder of success. The only thing you must remember is that the content should be relevant to your customers’ needs. 


Tip 2 – Update Content


The second most important tip is that you must use the latest digital marketing trends and stats to update the content on your website. While using old content to build a new content structure can help you save time,  you must be sure that you change your content according to the changing behaviour of internet users’. 


Tip 3 – Remove duplicate content, if any.


Many people plan on fooling search engines by posting duplicate content on their website and other platforms. But little do they know that search engines use various algorithms that show up only the best result after careful screening and indexing the most original, authoritative piece of content.


With advancement in technology, search engines have become smarter than ever. That said, the only way to rank better is to create original, authentic content, and remove duplicate content (if any) present on the site.


Crawling Tips


Tip 4 – Improve Site Speed


Did you know that slow page loading speed is the most common cause of a website’s high bounce rate?


Yes, you read that right. Search engines want to provide users with instant gratification, and that’s why they reward faster websites and give them better rankings. 


If you want to be the market leader in the industry, you must keep a check on your website’s speed. There are a lot of factors that impact the page loading speed. So, if you notice that your site is taking too long to open, you must identify the issues and rectify them. 


Having a faster website not only keeps your users happy but also improves your ranking. 


Tip 5 – Focus on HTML & XML Sitemaps


Most websites have an HTML sitemap rather than an XML sitemap, which makes it difficult for the search engines to find all the pages of the website, and rank them. That said, it is crucially important to have a proper sitemap, XML (for search engines), and HTML (for the users) if you want search engine spiders to extract all the important information on your site and provide it to the users.


Tip 6 – Web Indexing Is A Must


Many websites face indexing issues. This happens when search engines can’t crawl and index the web pages. As a result, the website/pages don’t appear in search results, and cannot be accessed by potential customers.


This is why web indexing is a must. When you successfully index your pages regularly, you get a wider reach and improved website traffic. 


Here you have them – SEO Tips that you shouldn’t ignore in 2020. These tips were provided by the top SEO company in Adelaide.


Hopefully, you won’t overlook these tips this time, and rather, utilise them to climb the search engine rankings.

Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a creative writer. She has recently launched her Studydemic educational website and is currently working as a freelance writer and editor.