Receive SMS services with free virtual numbers from Latvia

Every website, be it a social media or an online forum, asks its users to get a sort of verification to use it. Email services, gaming or eCommerce platforms, blogs, discussion boards, and the like have some verification systems. Some websites use two-factor authentication, meaning password and code in SMS, or a confirmation email. Some sophisticated services even ask their users to enter zip codes and send passport scans.

But the thing is, you don’t necessarily have to use your real phone number for registration on any online website. There are providers of free virtual numbers that allow you to get your confirmation message on the website, avoiding exposing your private phone number.


When creating an account on this website, you don’t even have to confirm your email address. Just enter an email, and you’re done. OnlineSIM offers you a free virtual number to receive sms online via a virtual phone number.

The company uses its proprietary hardware and software, allowing private registration on various websites, forums, and apps.

There are two options in the account. You can either use a free phone number or rent an individual number.

If you’d like to create an additional Facebook page, go to your account and copy the phone number, then paste it to the registration page of Facebook. After that, you’ll see an SMS message in your account on OnlineSIM. Copy it, and you’re done. Another page on social media is ready to use. If your virtual phone number doesn’t work, the company will replace it. You won’t have to pay for this.


This company offers free phone numbers from the small country of Estonia. These phone numbers seem to be pretty fast. If your phone number doesn’t work, they will replace it in no time.

So, this is a reliable company to work with. Usually, users receive their phone numbers in a matter of seconds.


FreePhoneNum service offers quite an extensive set of phone numbers. But the drawback is that all of them come from two countries, the USA and Canada.


FreeTempSMS is an Indian company that offers only eight phone numbers from two countries, the USA and Canada.


SMS-Online offers virtual phone numbers from Puerto Rico, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the USA. You can see the available phone numbers. Just click an appropriate country, and the menu list will appear. This service adds new numbers, and you can subscribe and get a notification about it.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.