How Can I Get Proofreading Online?

So, you just finished your manuscript. Now, it’s time to proofread. While this can be an intimidating part of a writer’s journey, it’s also necessary for turning in the best version of your work.

Sure, you can hire an editor with a great set of human eyes to polish your content, but that can come later. First, you have to do several rounds of proofreading, preferably using online proofreading tools like ProWritingAid.

The post-writing phase might not be so bad after all! Editing and proofreading software can remove the burden of writer bias, which could considerably reduce correction efficiency. They also perform the standard grammar, spelling, and punctuation check along with a slew of other functions critical to the editing process.

Now that we’ve confirmed there are tools for proofreading online, let’s find out what some of them are and how you can access them.

Go-To Online Proofreading Tools for Writers and Editors

Fool-proof submissions often aren’t achieved by proofreading with a set (or even several sets) of human eyes alone. When you remove the element of context, there’s just so much more machines can contribute toward the editing process.


This is a tool a lot of writers and editors swear by. It spotlights prose-specific errors as you go about writing and not afterward. That way, you don’t actually get overwhelmed by the sheer number of corrections you need to make after the first couple of proofreading passes.

It’s honestly weird to dedicate an entire section of this blog towards knowing how to get Grammarly because a simple browser search is really all it takes. Once you click the link to their website, you get directed to a page that gives you the option to upload or paste content.

Anything else you need to know about accessing Grammarly is there, too. From installing the tool as a browser add-on for free to getting the premium that gives you access to additional features.

You can use any of these versions to check the content of your blog posts, emails, private messages, and even comments. Grammarly also works with most writing platforms, so you might not have to worry about it compatibility-wise.


Yes, a lot of writers can be careless about spelling. If spelling is the bane of your writing career, then this simple tool can check for hiccups in that department with no fuss.

That isn’t all Spellchecker offers, of course. In addition to checking for spelling mishaps in English, it can also check for them in six other languages. Plus, it also reports the most recurrent mistakes deserving of attention.

Accessing this site requires no fancy gimmicks, just a simple web browser search. The Spellchecker website link leads you to a box where you can paste text for spell checking. One downside to this tool could be its ability to check only 450 characters of text (including spaces) per scan. This can make a proofreading for spelling more than a little time consuming where lengthy content is concerned.

Of course, if you’re satisfied with the tool’s features, you have the option to add it to your Chrome browser for even quicker access.


Why settle for the basic grammar and spell checker when a world-class tool like ProWritingAid is available at your fingertips?

This tool truly goes above and beyond for its users, offering grammar, spelling, and style assessment along with more complex reports to fortify your skills in writing. We’re talking about almost 30 detailed reports on possible corrections, along with insightful suggestions for improving each potential error.

ProWritingAid can be added to Chrome for free, although this version only includes the basic features. Going in-depth with the tool requires you to pay a premium, as does its integrations with other popular web applications and software.

Though, the good news is you can start a free trial using ProWritingAid with your platform of choice by heading to their website.

Stick Write

This tool is a particularly good choice for proofreading business articles. It focuses on injecting authority into your content while removing flaws that make readers question the author’s knowledge and experience.

One huge advantage of Stick Write is that it not only spotlights the possible mistakes; it also evaluates the author’s writing skills and provides suggestions. Doing so helps you improve on your business piece as a whole, not just a particular section of it.

Head on over to their landing page and click the “demo” link to see how they do things.

Why Partner With Proofreading Tools

As great a writer as you are, you are not immune to mistakes. Whether these errors stem from carelessness or a case of writer’s pride, you owe it to yourself to make sure they are corrected. Partnering with human and AI proofreaders gives you the best chance to turn in the near-perfect work your readers deserve.

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