Reach Your Potential Blue-Collar Employees With Brilliance

Every industry has a target market.  It also has a target employee pool.  In most cases, the messaging is never the same for both. To find a skilled worker pool successfully, you need to communicate to them in ways they understand, using technology and terminology that has meaning to them.

Main Street Recruitment does exactly this.  They focus on one specific market: a skilled labor force.  They message to them, they target them effectively, and they speed up the communication between corporations looking to hire skilled workers and those looking to find jobs with them. To find a skilled labor workforce with brilliance, it takes skill, understanding, sensitivity, and longstanding roots in this demographic.

The owners of Main Street Recruitment aren’t strangers to a blue-collar environment; in fact, they were brought up in one themselves.  The company’s President, Kristin Conteen, knows exactly how to reach skilled workers — on their terms.  Talent acquisition is much more challenging in today’s market and with the utilization of proprietary technology and outreach techniques, Conteen’s team identifies the skillsets needed and the people that possess them.  

“Long before the pandemic, blue-collar industries were anticipating a shortage of skilled workers due to retiring baby boomers, and a lack of interest from the last two generations,” said Conteen.  “Our parent company, Company 119, answered the call by applying digital marketing methods to recruitment advertising.  Over the last several years this service offering has evolved to fully encompass recruitment marketing and an HR technology stack that reaches the right audience, with the right message, on the platforms where they truly spend their time, while also making the application process faster and more efficient for candidates than ever before.” 

Because there is a significant lack of talent available to fill skilled labor positions today, the pendulum has shifted from a “management-friendly” proposition to an “employee-friendly” one.  Economic analysts don’t see this shifting soon.  The pandemic, combined with the need for additional workers has created a perfect storm of open positions that remain unfilled.

With a potential employee pool shrinking and the wealth of open positions increasing, Conteen weighs the importance of working with potential candidates to help solve the problem. “The ideal candidate can help you develop the right message and target audience, to reach and convert into candidates, and hopefully your future workforce. If you are not able to predict your staffing needs or develop a robust candidate pipeline, filling a job is going to take longer than ever. There are more jobs than people looking for work, job seekers no longer want to move through the arduous task of a job search and interview process, and it is hard to keep the attention of candidates when your competitors are also knocking at their door,” said Conteen.

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What remains crystal clear is that talent acquisition is taking longer, and the pool of potential candidates is shrinking.  This has a direct impact on everything from our national economy to our allocation of resources.  Just think…when you market properly and have your positions filled, supply chains speed up, blue-collar services happen faster, and our economy continues to grow.  Without a full skilled labor force, every one of us is impacted in one way or another.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.