What Do You Need To Know About Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

PSA adhesives, which stands for “Pressure Sensitive Adhesive”, are a type of high-performance, safe adhesive. The substance will bond to almost any material with just a little pressure applied. Thanks to these properties and, in addition, the lack of offensive odors and the high resistance to extreme temperatures, PSA adhesives are very popular. Continue reading our article to find out more about this topic.


PSA type permanent adhesives are used in the manufacture of many products. They are used, for example, in the stabilization of pallets as well as in the production of self-adhesive materials. Due to their characteristics, PSA adhesives are used in the production of aseptic packaging (Re-Cap packaging, straw glueing, etc.), as well as for gluing sacks and bags or gluing boxes and cartons. They are very efficient for product labeling, filter production, laminating, wrapping and even envelope production. These adhesives are also used in the manufacture of mattresses and hygiene products. This wide range of applications testifies to the quality of everlasting adhesives.


Many companies such as Elkem, a silicone company, have a range of PSA everlasting adhesives. As an experienced manufacturer and supplier, industries are constantly looking to bring more and more technologically advanced hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives to the market, such as scented adhesives for the hygiene industry. Their products are manufactured using only the best natural raw materials. For many years, the industries have been providing the highest quality with guaranteed product safety..

Adhesives for plastics

There are adhesives for plastics that allow you to bond different surfaces, made of PU, PUR, RIM, ABS, PS or PA. In all cases, the surfaces to be bonded with the adhesive are joined very firmly and the bonding process is fast and efficient. The industries have based the adhesives they produce on research into their durability, bonding strength, safety and efficiency. With all these elements, they have managed to create a product with low cost but very high bonding properties. This is a great advantage and gain for any industry.

Very strong and efficient adhesives

Plastic adhesives from the industry achieve extremely strong bonding of the bonded surfaces. This is guaranteed by the formula, developed over many years of research into the structure of the binder. We have thus obtained an excellent product for bonding even problematic surfaces. The adhesives that are produced are also extremely effective in many applications. A small amount is enough to bond a very large area, which is important in industrial sectors. This makes the adhesives economical and environmentally friendly, and their low price gives an additional return on investment.


You will have understood that the pressure sensitive adhesives are very useful in daily life and that they have consequently long days before them. If you want to learn more about silicone psa, you can refer to the Elkem website which dedicates several pages to this subject.

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