Rafal Brzoska, CEO of Polish unicorn in Davos on war, aid to Ukraine and technology

Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Wednesday he was afraid that Russia was preparing a new offensive in Ukraine within months, adding that it was crucial to provide additional support to Kyiv with modern tanks and missiles, Reuters.com reported.

Rafal Brzoska helps Ukraine

On Monday, leaders of dozens of countries and owners and CEOs of major companies descended on the small Swiss town. One of them was the creator and CEO of InPost – one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

“We are definitely dedicated to helping our Ukrainian brothers”

– said Rafal Brzoska on CNN in 2022.

For Rafal Brzoska, charitable activity is also very important – something that he considers to be one of the basic pillars of contemporary business. Since the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Rafal Brzoska has been personally involved in helping the people of Ukraine. For humanitarian transport, the company has provided hundreds of trucks and the work of thousands of its employees. By May 2022, InPost had transported over 6,000 tons of aid, both directly to Ukraine and in Poland for assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

InPost in Europe

Rafal Brzoska is the originator, creator and CEO of Integer Capital Group, a leading e-commerce delivery platform. The flagship company of the group is InPost, founded by him, which has revolutionized the parcel market in Europe. InPost network is the largest and most accessible automatic network for receiving and sending parcels in Europe – a total of over 24 thousand modern devices, of which 18.5 thousand operate in Poland. InPost services are now also available to customers in the UK and Italy. In July 2021, InPost acquired the French logistics potentate Mondial Relay for EUR 513 million, the largest Polish private foreign investment to date, and has allowed the InPost Group to enter the markets of France, the Iberian Peninsula and the Benelux countries. Indeed, entry of the company on the EURONEXT-Amsterdam stock exchange was the biggest debut of a European technology company in the continent’s history.

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