Nick Sarnicola, the Network-Marketing Guru

Nick Sarnicola is one of the most influential personalities in the corporate and field sectors. He has contributed significantly to developing great companies, products, and successful mentoring individuals in different industries. Some of the areas that Nick has executed remarkable growth strategies include health and fitness as well as in non-profit organizations. Additionally, sales and technology industries have benefited from his exceptional contribution. His expertise in direct sales makes him the highest-earning individual at ViSalus, a company he started fourteen years ago alongside Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen. The latter is the multilevel marketing company’s, Chief Marketing Officer.

Over the years, Nick has trained many people on how to boost their potentials in different portfolios. He is the team leader of over 100,000 active promoters working under him in the distribution channel at ViSalus. He made headlines after quitting from the company’s management team to throw his weight behind the distribution. However, the decision has materialized, making him top earner with over $221,000 per month. He has also nurtured more than 50 millionaires not to mention numerous high producing teams in nearly 20 countries.

As one of the starters and the Chief Executive Officer of two renowned lifestyle companies Nick Sarnicola has facilitated health transformation processes of numerous individuals. The purpose-driven executive has helped many startups become powerhouses in different portfolios through his unmatched leadership skills. Nick invests in people and uses their skills in making the company run smoothly. He applied the same technique at Visalus, creating a strong marketing team under his leadership. His entrepreneur expertise makes him launch new platforms, brands, global sales leaders, products, and markets. He started Body by Vi Challenge, company’s platform, through the concept of challenge marketing, growing it to an approximately $2 billion platform.

However, Nick admits that he heard about network marketing at the tender age of 18 while working in a mall. A stranger told him the industry is lucrative, and from the discussion, he realized that his $5.50 per hour salary wasn’t close to the amount he could make. One of his longtime dreams was becoming rich; therefore, the deal sounded productive. However, he didn’t think about it until the day his employer shut the business and sold the assets to him and Mallen, his workmate. They started ViSalus and incorporated Ryan Blair in the company that changed their lives significantly.

Visalus grew tremendously attracting other investors, including Todd Goergen’s Blyth that invested in the company. Goergen is one of the renowned families in the business world. Nick Sarnicola left the company’s management in 2010 to concentrate on his Body by Vi Challenge as the promoter and active member in the field. Within two years, he had organized a strong team delivering sales of$35 million per month. His team members make over $1,800 per month with some challenging his top position. Nick is optimistic that Visalus would soon become the highest-selling multilevel companies in Canada and the United States of America.

Nick supports various philanthropic activities, especially the ones that revolve around education, entrepreneurship, and humanitarian actions. He makes his contribution through Liv2Giv and ViCare charitable vehicles. The upcoming investors benefit from the training offered by NexGen. Additionally, he throws his weight behind Muskegon Community College for its efforts towards entrepreneurship training. The facility named its entrepreneurship building Rooks Sarnicola Center in honor of his support in 2017.

Sarnicola is a talented motivational speaker that takes part in conferences and events. Organizers admire his expertise in training the audience techniques applied in team-building and setting goals. Additionally, his approach in tackling return on time and result-driven strategies topics is out of this world. His mentorship programs and mentorship classes help great leaders and successful executives to boost their productivity. Nick executes his mission of educating, developing, entertaining, and supporting numerous people through speaking writing, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.